Alternative for Xeyes that works with Wayland?

A dead serious question (even though it may not seem so). Is there an xeyes version that works on Wayland? Is such a thing even possible?

If I’m going to use Wayland, I need that…



We need to make one, to trick everyone on Wayland readiness :upside_down_face:



I’d make one, easily, but I don’t know how to get global mouse cursor coordinates on Wayland.

Ive actually not heard of this, though seems to be for multi monitor kinda folks yeah?

wow almost 9 years ?

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when i search for it people say it tracks the mouse on multihead systems

I feel like this may be over simple though

You have not heard of xeyes? It’s one of the few essential x11 applications, next to xterm, xcalc and xclock.

It’s just a pair of eyes that looks at your mouse cursor, wherever it might be.


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How do you get this to work, say on KDE Plasma with Wayland?


you always make me smile . :pray: you serious + funny .

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Never needed it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Im a single monitor not far from me or too high a resolution for me to pick things out kinda person. Though i guess for some its useful :+1:

The more you know

I’ve used it ever since Amiga days (it was called eyes then, not xeyes). And I had a single 640×200 monitor on Amiga, of course (4096 colours!).

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is wayland on KDE even usable yet? I heard its still rough around the edges vs gnome+mutter or something like i3+sway

Create an fully transparent window over ALL available monitors, then pick the mouse direction info from that window. Trivial! Of course, while you’re there you can keylog too…

Depends on what you mean by usable. It works. It’s not without flaw.

Yeah, but I want to be able to click on stuff, too.

Just pass it on to whatever you overlap…

Do yourself a favour and

sudo pacman -S xorg-xeyes

Run it with

xeyes -fg black

Or if you’re like me, make an alias:

alias xeyes='setsid xeyes -fg black >/dev/null 2>&1'

You’re welcome :wink:

Of course, if you’re using Wayland, then it won’t work… The eyes will only move when your cursor is inside the window, and there will be ugly rendering artefacts.

Im a wayland heathen unfortunately :joy:

and id rather not have some eyes looking around on my monitor but thats just me :man_shrugging:

Then maybe we’ll come up with a Wayland solution! :slight_smile:

You don’t know because you haven’t tried it! :wink:


It might be nice if there were a ‘5 eyes’ version of the app - feeding paranoia can be relaxing (“see - they really are watching”).

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You can run multiple instances of xeyes.

This solution is limited to an even number of eyes, unfortunately (though I suspect you can work around that with some clever overlapping).

Yeah, that totally works.