Current status of Wayland with Plasma

I’ve been using Wayland and Plasma on my laptop for about half a year. Performance is great and I’ve had no crashes except when I tried gaming on it: the Primehack build of the Dolphin emulator from the AUR and the GOG release of The Witcher 3 GOTY Edition via Wine work perfectly on X11, but on Wayland I only got crashes and freezes. I don’t really game on my laptop though, just thought I’d test it, so overall I’m pretty happy with Wayland+Plasma on my laptop.

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I’ve only done a very small amount of gaming, but I run Wayland and haven’t had any issues with any of it. I have noticed that rearranging the desktop (moving docks/planks/bars) is kinda likely to cause a plasmashell crash under Wayland though.

for me, wayland on Plasma is almost daily-driver ready.
I say almost, because I have my taskbar at the top, and some applications using tray icons somehow trigger an additional, invisible tray icon at the top-left corner where the application menu is, making the application menu icon non-clickable. One application triggering this is rocketchat which I have to use for work and the tray icon is an essential part of its new-message-notification-system.

Firefox, Gaming and all other things work troublefree. I could move my task bar to the bottom or use rocketchat in the browser to work around the problem but I am not ready to do that.

Edit: During the 2 weeks of christmas holidays I used wayland only, no issues.

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I’ve been using Plasma Wayland for nearly a month. It’s great, the new 5.24 update is even better in general user experience but there are still fairly important bugs that needs to be ironed out. Some more esthetic (ex: hovering minimize button on secondary monitor will spawn the tool tip on main monitor with some corruption around it) but other ones are annoying (ex: either an issue with SDDM or KWin, sddm starts up again after being stopped by a reboot command. kwin_x11 starts with it, not kwin_wayland. This results in slowed shutdown and reboot process, having to wait for systemd to kill it).

I also tried it, and it crashed all the time and had all sorts of weird behavior, like Firefox windows on multiple workspaces at once (one window at once on multiple workspaces). I immediately switched back to x11.

Current status of Wayland with Plasma: unusable, because there is still no viable alternative for Xeyes.


Also if simple screen recorder would work i might use it. I don’t want to use OBS studio or some other bloated program.

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Hey Kresimir, did you get a chance to look at the resources I linked in that thread? It might help you write that Weyes program yourself.

I haven’t figured it out yet. A simple example in C that opens an empty window and prints the global coordinates of the mouse pointer and position and size of its window (in global coordinates, of course) to the stdout repeatedly in a loop is pretty much all I need. But I have doubts whether that is even possible with Wayland.

That was what I was thinking Nate, he should just start a new project to design Weyes…you beat me to proposing it.

I’m talking about this reply here: Alternative for Xeyes that works with Wayland? - #37 by nate

it contains resources that could help with that task.

Maybe I’m missing something, but most of that does not seem to be useful to what I need.

If you have figured it out, a working C/C++ example would be most welcome. It does not have to draw the eyes, that’s the easy part, it just needs to print out 6 numbers in a loop (and should work while its window is not focused).

It’s javascript but I noticed this line in the source code, that’s why I linked it:

        let [pointerX, pointerY, pointerZ] = global.get_pointer();

So an extension has access to those coordinates. I’d investigate that global thing.

LOL, yeah JavaScript is useless here, because that’s just interfacing with some GNOME API or something like that. We need to go lower…

Wayland on Plasma has been progressively more usable for me on my work laptop, especially with the release of 5.24. Trying it as a daily driver again.

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I’m not using Plasma, and perhaps this is unrelated to your problem, but for Firefox to work for me on Sway it needs to be run with MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1.


I currently use xrandr in a script to switch my 4 “Layouts” with left/right of, primary and pos stuff.

e. g. big, big widescreen left as main and laptop right as second, bottom adjusted:

xrandr --output $INT --auto --pos 3840x520 --output $EXT --mode 3840x1600 --rate 60.00 --primary

I already looked for a wayland tool to achieve this but no success. Any idea what to use?

The KDE subreddit has some guidance for users wanting to test KDE Plasma on Wayland. It’s way down in the sidebar on the RHS of the page.

I don’t know how current the guidance is.


Checked about:config and it is enabled.
Some day soon Wayland will be useable in Plasma

I don’t believe it is set in about:config. I think it needs to be set as an env variable, either in your shell or included in the .desktop file. You can tell whether it is enabled or not in about:support. Relevant ArchWiki entry.