GNOME 41 is ~~starting to reach~~ in Arch

Mac??? No way! Too much money. Why???

Are you sure that’s possible? Not sure you can boot EOS. I see you need a special Linux distro for that: Looks like an uphill battle to me.

KDE is nearly perfect. The only things I need to do anymore are as touchegg for GNOME 40 style gestures for virtual desktops. . .

And I’m begging you please make a way to center my calendar on the taskbar like in Cinnamon! I’m pleading with you. I’d sacrifice my first born child to the Gods for it. Out of OCD I adjust that stupid Calendar every day as the date changes to be more centered.

Otherwise, KDE is feature complete to me.

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Multi-monitor is still buggy as hell; and Wayland is still not, ahem, feature complete with xorg.

I have one monitor and use x11 not Wayland. . .

For me, it’s nearly feature complete!! Hurray!


I use two identical monitors, and KDE is flawless in that regard.

I don’t use Wayland because it does not let me use xeyes. Until someone comes up with an xeyes alternative that works on Wayland, I consider Wayland to be completely unusable, regardless of the DE. So, at the moment, I don’t care about feature-completeness of KDE on Wayland.

One has to have priorities in life: xeyes > feature-complete KDE on Wayland



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I’m using gnome/wayland and it’s working nice for me, I’m using only one monitor
I miss flameshot only…

All installed apps in my system:

putty - replaced by screen
woeusb 5.1.2-1

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I’m not using Gnome …ever! :rofl:


I came from XFCE, moved to Gnome and it was a smooth switch… one day I may try KDE :slight_smile:


My guess here is another 2 to 3 years of development before there is something truly usable for an M1 mac consumers. Makes you wonder if AMD and Intel will have a new kind of ARM chip.where they will support a coventure with the Linux community.

I’m actually waiting for RISC-V to make a break-thru. ARM is proprietary. RISC-V is opensource.

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You can wait for at least 5 to 10 years to see happen.

If you are already on Gnome 41 and have ended up with a broken dash-to-panel (in case you use it of course), here is what you can do to install a working git version:

  1. Remove the “old” one from within the Extension app

  2. Somewhere appropriate in your home directory open a terminal and run the following commands:

    git clone

    cd dash-to-panel

    make install

  3. Log out and back in

  4. Launch the Extension app and enable dash-to-panel

Enjoy your Gnome 41!


It’s in [testing]!



I wont partake myself but i know a lot of arch + gnome users are shall we say ‘keen’

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Been using it for a good month faultless.

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the ‘unstable’ repo that popped up?

the irony now it that 41.1 is out lol

Arch always releases at the .1 release that is the 1st stable release not beta 41 was the beta.

in testing for the moment :wink:

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