GNOME 41 is ~~starting to reach~~ in Arch

Update: it’s in [stable]

Update: more packages are now hitting [testing]

gnome-unstable is seeing some GNOME 41 packages appear:

Package Version
adwaita-icon-theme 41.0-1
cheese 41.0-1
epiphany 41.0-1
gdm 41.0-1
gnome-contacts 41.0-1
gnome-control-center 41.0-1
gnome-desktop 1:41.1-1
gnome-disk-utility 41.0-1
gnome-settings-daemon 41.0-1
gnome-shell 1:41.1-1
mutter 41.1-1
xdg-desktop-portal-gnome 41.1-1

Looks like GNOME 41 will be here by Christmas. :wink:


Hopefully the extensions will be updated by Valentines Day :wink:


Oh no! It’s coming!


Nah…it will just break anyway once you install 41 extensions. :laughing:

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Actually, all but two of the extensions I’m using are already compatible (the other two just need a metadata bump). :exploding_head:


I’ve got a couple of my extensions working on Gnome 41 by editing their metadate.json:

"shell-version": [

as suggested by @gideon here:

Have you already tried this?
It doesn’t work with all but with some it does.


It is very incomplete. It misses at least Evolution for Gnome 41, and many, many packages like Gedit.

Better wait a week or so to get a full version of Gnome 41 on gnome-unstable repository.

Looks like there are some further changes in Mutter, e.g. Flameshot is now broken and refuses to capture the screen.

Christmas!? Isn’t it already on fedora 35. Bummer. Anyhow, I had a good 2-3 months on gnome, but am switching my rigs back to kde.

I am a DE hopper :grin: at least no more distro hopping since Summer!


Yes…a Gnome convert! :rofl:

I am a universal DE person, I transcend kde and gnome and sometimes even switch/use i3wm :laughing:

I thought you had switched to KDE? I’m waiting for Wayland to mature a little more before I leave Gnome myself.

Wayland on gnome works great :+1: (for me)

@ricklinux recently switched to gnome and loves it’s unusual gui…


Kidding :rofl:


I agree. But really I want to spend more time volunteering in the KDE community to see if I can better work with them. So that means learning the ins and outs of KDE. The main thing I don’t want to do is to spend more time fiddling and fixing instead of actually doing my work.

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Same with me. I haven’t yet switched my main work computer away from gnome. Everything works and had an excellent time using multiple monitor and fractional scaling using Wayland. Stupid me, but I can use both kde on other rigs and gnome on this little Lenovo X1 gem!

I just have the itch to try both, depending my mood. But getting lazy reinstalling programs. I think I will settle gnome is nice for smaller screen X1 and kde in my coding rig. :bulb:

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Wayland works okay on KDE. Only issue for me is i like simple screen recorder which doesn’t work on wayland.

Edit: I guess it depends on your hardware though. I’m running amdgpu.

My laptop is a simple Thinkpad T450 with Intel graphics. So with Gnome Wayland and Pipewire seem stable now.

Next step is to look for all the equivalent KDE applications which replaced all the Gnome applications so I can also make sure all the Wayland bugs are fixed. At the moment I suspect KDE will be mostly ready by June 2022 (Steam deck might be a blessing in disguise for KDE).

Are you getting the Steam Deck?

I don’t think I was a good boy (so think Mrs Santa Claus said no). But seriously I’m saving my $$$$ for an EndeavourOS M1 Mac Pro :sweat_smile:


Mac??? No way! Too much money. Why???