Please share any interesting (linux) articles

There are already awesome threads here that share around a theme - Privacy browser, privacy search engine, desktop, programs, scripts, VPN, tutorials, books, linux meme, joke, dish, your glass and more…

I thought it would be great to also start a thread around linux article links that have a longer half-life, helps the reader – novice or veteran – understand something better, gives a bird-eye view and paints an aha picture by the end of the reading.

Kind of like additional commentary to articles already (or could be) in wiki, and a filter on hackernews from the experience of readers here. Goes without saying that if the article is not clickbaity, feels thoughtful writing, is of moderate length, and not just a news regurgitation would be helpful for all of us.

Although we focus on linux in general in this thread, you could extend it to other articles within computer science, if you can’t wait to share anywhere else.

I found this one recently:

And of course, the phenomenal What is Code? by Paul Ford is the one we can agree to be the reference article we are aiming for on above measures.


First he names programmers “coders” and call programs “apps”…
And then uses title “Why Are Coders Angry?” :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :japanese_ogre:

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Yes :sweat_smile:, some of his viewpoints are not perfect, but I still think it serves as a good broad introduction article, that is worth glancing at least once, to the new entrants. At least for me, when I read it few years back, it was.

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Well, let me try, it’s not strictly Linux, but very important topic which is usually badly interpreted - passwords and reality of cracking them.

Whonix wiki - Passwords
Your xkcd passwords are pwned


Intel Software Defined Silicon" Coming To Linux For Activating Extra Licensed Hardware Features :

Interesting read, although I have to admit I lack the knowledge to judge if he’s right about this or not.
But to be honest, I always had the impression, that Linux is pretty safe. And I wouldn’t have thought that some scenarios listed here are possible with FDE, for example:

I’m eager to hear what more knowledgeable people think about this.