Great external tutorials

Add here Linux related tutorials that are useful and helpful for new and/or seasoned Linux users.

bash tutorial


You knew I was gonna.

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The Missing Semester of Your CS Education:

“We’ll teach you how to master the command-line, use a powerful text editor, use fancy features of version control systems, and much more!”

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Linux Command LIne


Much recommended for students. Most students will eventually get to know about the tools sooner of later, but up until then, they would have already wasted hours trying to accomplish tasks the laborious way.

Linux Journey for anyone wanting to learn working inside the shell.

For introduction to CS, I like CS50.

They also have follow up courses after this introductory course. I’m currently doing Web Programming with Python and JavaScript.

MIT has their Open Course Ware

Old videos are in low resolution that kinda makes it hard for me to follow, but I sometimes watch non-science videos. (society, language, etc)

On YouTube, there is this channel called FreeCodeCamp, that I like because they upload few hours long videos on programming related topics.

On edX, Linux Foundation has tons of courses. You can audit them for free, meaning course videos and articles will be available for free an no cost. For course completion certificate and tests, you need to pay.

You can browse edX for more courses. Some courses by MITx, on science and humanities, are on my TODO list. Afaik, all courses follow this auditing thing. You can access course materials for free, but certificate requires payment.
Note : If you audit a course, it is made available only for the course duration. Beyond the last date, you cannot access the course anymore.

Coursera is another website working similar to edX.

Teach Yourself CS is a great website that collects resources about CS topics. It does not have any tutorials. Only external links.

For anyone into Competitive Programming, this book is great:

I find this site has a lot of useful information on a wide variety of Linux topics.


I just read everything @dalto posts lol.


You are a wise man, Elloquin!



I find this site is easier to follow! :smirk:


It’s Foss has a basic PKGBUILD tutorial:


If you want to go hardcore then don’t click


Vimtutor to learn vim

A lot of us probably take chmod for granted, but for those starting out, there’s a really great tutorial on the basics of how effective permissions work. Once it clicks, you’ll have this skill for life :slight_smile:

The formatting on that web page is all messed up. There are charts missing, there are references to colours that do not exist. It’s like someone copy pasted the article and never bothered with the formatting.

I’m afraid this may cause more confusion than elucidation.

That’s odd, - I’m not seeing any issues with formatting or items missing, - running on Firefox. Happy for mods to remove if there’s a genuine problem :slight_smile:


The colours in brackets and the chart you say is missing is at the top of the page? I’m sorry you don’t feel this meets your standards, but I’ve found it really useful in terms of visualising permissions.

I don’t know. Usually then you write “Observe the chart:” with a colon at the end, that means that the chart follows. If you mean some other chart, you number it and refer to the number.

And the colours are referring to the ls output (not to the chart at the beginning of the article! The chart is only about the second bullet – “UGO”). However, the ls output is not coloured.

It’s a mess.

Don’t try to present this as an issue with “my feelings” and “my standards” (whatever that means). This does not meet any reasonable standards of clarity.


It means your standards are clearly high in terms of clarity and flow of content. We’re going to politely agree to disagree on this one I think, but do you have an example of something better at the basic level this guide is aimed at? (i.e. someone like me).

Do you mean


by any chance?