Why do people think EndeavourOS is dying?

Just saw this on YCombinator. Disagree with many points written here and I don’t understand the opinion that EndeavourOS is dying. Is this opinion found frequently in other places? From my experience over the past two months here I actually think it is thriving.

I mean…why do people think anything? On the internet, it is way more popular to break something down than support it. It is what it is.

That being said, he isn’t saying it is dying, he is predicting that it will die in the future the same way Antergos did which is fairly silly.


Appears to be thriving in my opinion. More so then when I first switched last year. Opinions are not facts. In my opinion pockets are a fad, why would anyone want to store items in their pants?


Classic clickbait topics. Please don’t spread FUD and don’t be a victim too:


If I am being honest, the longer I work from home, them more I share this opinion. :cowboy_hat_face:


Indeed, whole concept of EndeavourOS was based on NOT to die. Hence it’s 99.99 % Arch. There’s nothing to die, except very small repo and nice forum :slight_smile:

P.S. Pockets are BLOAT!
Just like pants… :sweat_smile:


He is depressed with his life:

Debian: packages are old. Cares too much about free software. 2. Ubuntu: Snap. Way too opinionated. Can’t trust 3. Arch: not opinionated enough. I just want to get my work done. 4. EndeavourOS: going to die soon like antegros 5. Manjaro: weird. Delaying packages hasn’t done anything about stability. 6. Gentoo: way too much work. Not opinionated at all. 7. Fedora: dnf is really slow. You need to google software you want and it leads you to some random blog to add some random repo. 8. SUSE: terrible documentation. Most useful threads are either in German or french. 9. Any other distro: not mainstream enough to find solutions for softwares that I need. What should I do? Seriously. I just need something that take care of me, so I can do my work. Is macOS the only option here?

Is macOS the only option here?

Take a bite :apple:



The post was made by a person who came into Linux thinking everything would be shiny. But failed to understand the differences between each distro base. Like Debian stable and rock-solid with tested and proven software which is a bit older than the current version of the software in a PPA. Fedora RHEL testing distro has the bleeding edge stuff (I think) but might break … etc.

That person just should have stuck with Windows. He’s a person who wants the latest stuff for free and for everything to work without putting in any effort to correct a problem and cry when they have to do a little bit of work. It’s best he just moves to Mac but even with a Mac, there are issues.

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Sounds like a cop out “Oh, this one… Is not going to last for long”, even if that was the case, then just use it until it dies. Or if you really just want to use MacOS… Just use it, you don’t need to try to justify your personal choices to strangers online and make up excuses, your PC your rules.

Albeit the post is called a rant, so they just want to complain, not any offer of solutions.

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i absolutely hate it when people say this without acknowledging the existace of testing and unstable

EndeavourOS is a robust, resilient distro, and a very clever concept, based on learning a valuable lesson from the death of Antergos.

So no, I think it’s extremely unlikely that EndeavourOS will die any time soon. That is unless Arch dies, in which case EndeavourOS is dead, too, of course. But that is also quite an unlikely scenario in the foreseeable future.

If anything, I think Manjaro is far more likely to kick the bucket, as they didn’t have this Antergos lesson to learn from, even though I would rate the probability of that to be fairly low, as well.


Is it possible to explain in a succinct manner how and why AntergOS died to a newcomer like me ?

0.000 manjaro won’t die ever.

I’m not sure why we have this topic? It’s a one man rant by a nobody! Who cares.


Look up the recent post by @Bryanpwo on the forum (as well as his older posts). He explained it very well.

I’m sure there are other posts about it, too.


The user nobody cares! :rofl:


I agree with most of what he said, EOS’ eventual death aside, which is the reason I don’t distro hop anymore.

Fedora: dnf is really slow. You need to google software you want and it leads you to some random blog to add some random repo.

I run into this exact issue each time I’ve tried Fedora.

EOS / Arch + AUR FTW.


Strange things have happened to #lounge recently, seems like…


I have no idea what the future of any Linux distro holds but I can tell you that the history of Linux shows that most distros fail eventually. Even some of the largest commercial distros that once seemed unassailable are now gone.

There is no distro that you can predict with any degree of accuracy that “won’t die ever”.