Why is this distro called Endeavour?

Warning: This is an article with a longer read time

Every once in a while I read and receive messages or emails on why we are called Endeavour or the question if this French word means the same as the English word endeavor.

To start with the last question for the non-English speakers, it is an English word but spelt in British-English. So Endeavor, the North-American spelling, and Endeavour are the same words in meaning and pronunciation.

Now I have cleared that one up, we arrive on the why we are called like that. Well, the origin of the story isn’t that romantic as you might think.

You see, when I started to switch from Ubuntu-based distros to Arch-based ones, My first attempt was Manjaro. Although initially, I was a happy user, (I liked the out-of-the-box experience and the community), every time a big update came, my system broke.
Each time the community handed out the solution but after the fifth update broke, I was done with it.

I returned to my last Ubuntu-based distro called Voyager (because I liked the name) and I intended to stay there. Until I came across a distro review of Antergos and I started to look for more reviews on Youtube on this distro.
After visiting the website and having a very positive experience in a VM, I decided to install it on bare metal, with still a cautious mind, but the distro shipped Pamac, so what could go wrong?.

The first update after my install on bare metal, broke Pamac and it also needed a manual intervention, so my courage and enthusiasm disappeared instantly, but I decided to give it at least 30 days, so I carried on and followed the instructions. As green as I was, it didn’t work, so I reluctantly created an account on the forum, afraid that I was going to be burnt down. At that time I thought a forum was filled with members that prayed on newbies, ready to attack behind a false name.
By the way, I did have an account on Manjaro but that felt different because of the nature of the distro.

I received fast responses from two members telling me I had to use the terminal temporary because of an upstream bug in Pamac and that I made a typo in the manual intervention.
I was pleasantly surprised by the reactions and by the online names of these two members that looked like real names.

It has been a long time, so I forgot their names. But I do remember the one called himself Fernando with something and the other one was called… Joe with something added ?!? (@fernandomaroto @joekamprad )

Anyway, the community and especially those two guys kept me on Antergos and after two weeks, I noticed the distro, in a nice way, already sucked me in, ears deep. Which made me think that another name should be more appropriate for this distro or even for Arch, just to be more clear and in my ears, the word had a certain ring to it and I explain why later on…

Space shuttle inspired?

When Antergos announced they were at the end of their run and I just put out the question if the community would like to continue the community spirit on another forum, I didn’t foresee that I would be the main drive to start a project like that up.
When Joe and Fernando sent me a pm that it would be a great thing to continue the distro, instead of just creating a forum, and they would ask @manuel to join to make this happen, I was caught by surprise.

I’d never done a thing like that and my knowledge didn’t go further than sudo pacman -Syu and sudo nano, so why should I start up an entire distro?
I naively thought that someone would stand up after my question saying, I can create a forum, let’s do it! but instead I got, Yeah, you create the forum, we create the distro! So, I was adamant that I was going to say no to this plan.

The next day, I already received several emails, the first one I read was from Manuel, answering Fernando and Joe that most of the issues can be tackled with “some little scripts” which he happened to have already somewhere in a secret digital draw, so when are we starting?

Honestly, I saw the perfect way to get out of this, so I said that they obviously knew what they were talking about, so I would be standing in their way.
But when they told me they didn’t have any experience at all and it would be fun to jump in as a bunch of rookies to explore and learn during this adventure with me as the frontman of the project, my brain went into a mush state for two minutes and before I knew it I said okay, let’s do it.

On the Antegos forum, I announced the project and asked the community for help to give the distro a name. I did give the project a codename and that name brought a reaction in the community of rockets being prepared to launch…

The real inspiration

I always was a fan of the British detective series Inspector Morse that ran from the mid-eighties to the late nineties.
Nobody knew his first name until in a later season he revealed his first name, which he wasn’t fond of. His parents were Quakers and he didn’t have a warm relationship with them and in hindsight, his first name did describe this odd relationship they had with him.

Years later the series got a spin-off that is the prequel to the original series, situated in the sixties when Morse was a young police officer, and it carries his first name.

I always loved that word, because, in Dutch, we don’t have a single word that does the meaning justice, we describe it in a couple of words. So, years before the project was created, I named my Antergos machine Endeavour.

Before I made the announcement, the team also opted for some names and when I submitted mine, the guys weren’t a fan of it, in particular one member.
It was too difficult to pronounce, it didn’t have anything to do with the distro, because it was a space ship and the name wouldn’t stick around making the distro destined to be a failure from the start.

The original team included a member that had a different vision for the project and he rejected every single name we or the community came up with, but he couldn’t come up with a catchy one either. Since he was going to create the website and the logo, we trusted his vision.

I in the meantime had contacted a service provider which offered me a deal that included a server with guaranteed service, a domain name, email accounts and customer service reachable by phone for a very attractive deal, only that offer was going to expire and I needed a name to claim the domain name and couldn’t submit it afterwards.

Being close to the deadline of the offer and we still had no name or logo, my patience ran out. The community more or less embraced the name Endeavour by making wallpapers of space shuttles, penguins in an astronaut suit and launching rockets.

So I explained that the meaning of the name couldn’t be more appropriate on our adventure and it also described the nature of the OS. The current team also saw the pressing matter of the deal that was almost expiring and seeing the fast adoption the community was showing, they agreed on the name.

So, after talking to the original designer and having no name yet, we decided to go our own way and I signed the server offer with EndeavourOS as the domain name.

A note to the translators, this is not an official article, so you don’t have to translate it.


And it has proved to be a very worthwhile endeavour :grinning:

I hadn’t guessed the Inspector Morse link. Still a very popular show in the :uk:

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:rofl: :rocket:


Funny, inspector Morses first name was the first thing that came to mind when I heard of Endeavour.

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Same with my parents when I mentioned the OS. I guess they stare at that screen more than they do at the sky…


and just to prove we all relate differently, I think of the little children’s story about the ‘little engine that could’… I think I can, I think I can…

I think I can, the very essence of endeavor (US-speak). :wink:


Just a note :slight_smile: In Canada we spell Endeavour the British way!


The first time I saw this distro and the name at DistroWatch. At that time I was a full-time Windows user but I always wanted to get out of it. At least on my personal computer. I’ve always been a faithful Debian or Ubuntu-based user even when I was using Windows (had no choice due to work and due to my gaming addiction).

Anyway, I started to experiment with Linux distributions starting with MX Linux. Then I started to study Arch (yeah it’s a study) don’t know how many VM’s I created and deleted. So after my first successful install and then customizing my XFCE de to my heart’s content (still in a VM). I just thought is there anything else that would be easier to installed and let me do what I want.

That’s when I came across EndeavourOS and I kind of clicked with the name even before I installed the distribution. In my country, we’re used to using British English (due to being a colony of the British empire till 1948) and the word Endeavour meant to embark on a journey to archive a target (this is how we were taught). As soon as I saw the name and our mascot astronaut the distribution is geared towards achieving perfection by effort.

Decided to jump in with a VM of course. I did everything to break the distribution but it kept going like “Nokia 3310” which made me fall in love. After playing around for almost 2 months I kicked Windows out and installed EndeavourOS and embarked on my Endeavour to achieve perfection.

Also like to say thank you @Bryanpwo, @fernandomaroto, @joekamprad, and @manuel also any other core team member who embarked on this endeavour with the EndeavourOS. Why I wrote this big assay I don’t know.


Probably NOT what you meant:

I like the theme of it all.

Purple Neon for that scifi/80s/Cyberpunk feel

Play some Synthwave music and you’ll feel nostalgia


OK, the purple theming is so far the only thing I do NOT like, but fortunately that can be changed, or is not present in KDE in the first place. Otherwise EndeavourOS seems to be the best system I have used so far (pure Arch is definitely too big for me). So, thanks @Bryanpwo for this nice story :+1:t2:.

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Nope. I just used the word because I just wrote lot of words and was unable to come up with a better word :smiley: .

Endeavour merchandise would match with hipster city I live in.

i.e. Wear Purple Neon tshirt and run up to a friend whilst he has a hangover

Well found some stickers mentioned in this forum


TBH when I first discovered Endeavour, Morse was one of the first things I thought of, as well as the Shuttle :joy:

Didn’t actually think it was the Morse link that would be the actual inspiration, was certain it’d be the shuttle :smiley:


Hmm, I could’ve posted that story instead of mine. It also explains the meaning and the origin of this distro :wink:

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I’ve got plenty of time to listen. If you have more stories to tell!



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Perhaps “essay” but no matter… spellcheckers easily contribute to such problems.


@Bryanpwo , right since you came up with the name “Endeavour” & being in love with the sea, sea endeavours & sailing, I created this image in my mind:
" HMS Endeavour was a British Royal Navy research vessel that Lieutenant James Cook commanded to Australia and New Zealand on his first voyage of discovery from 1768 to 1771".

And I could not have described why I did so better than how you describe it. here:
“But when they told me they didn’t have any experience at all and it would be fun to jump in as a bunch of rookies to explore and learn during this adventure with me as the frontman of the project, my brain went into a mush state for two minutes and before I knew it I said okay, let’s do it”.

Though I feel kind of guilty I could not make it aboard with you at the very uncertain beginning, I feel very-very happy with what all you the team have accomplished!!! Well done guys, thank you & keep surprising us (positively :slightly_smiling_face: ).

*** BTW… am I mistaken when I see two purplish sails as our distro badge? :heart_eyes:


I think it’s a good name because, whatever the original inspiration, it can mean many things to many people. Which is a bit like the Linux-world itself really! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: