Been using Linux on and off (mainly off) for years, just waiting for the time when it worked well enough that I could use it on a regular basis.

2019 finally was the year!

Restarted my Linux journey with Ubuntu Budgie for a couple of months before finding out about Arch. Preferred the AUR method of package distribution over Ubuntu’s PPA method (which breaks way too often), and settled on Manjaro, before “drama”, then moved to EndeavourOS.

So far it’s been brilliant, enough that I have finally been able to ditch Windows entirely, running Endeavour with XFCE as my sole OS at home.

Was especially important to get a stable distro, as I’m a big gamer, mainly WoW, but I have nearly 900 Steam games, and Arch’s ability to recognise hardware right off the bat has been amazing.

EndeavourOS is firmly my favourite OS now, much better than Windows has been for many many years.