Spring is coming and a refresh is in the works

Originally published at: https://endeavouros.com/news/spring-is-coming-and-a-refresh-is-in-the-works/

I don’t know about you but when I only think of spring, it always gives me that exciting feeling in my underbelly that boosts up my energy. Spring is in the air and besides the light signs of my hayfever announcing its arrival, that good old tingly feeling is starting to build up again, ready to burst out and to make me see things with fresh eyes again.

Well, I can tell you that those vibrant feelings of spring are whirling through the team and our community as well. The entire team together with the help of some community members are busy working on the next release with a lot of fun and enthusiasm, yes that tingly feeling is doing more than igniting a spark over here…

Terminal centric

Our recent release made a lot of people curious about what we have to offer and we received a lot of enthusiastic response on it. Like every release, we also received a lot of questions and suggestion on how we should improve the distro, for which we are thankful.

There are suggestions we certainly have taken into consideration and some of those are already implemented, but we will inform you on those when the next release has arrived since some of those implementations are still in a testing phase.

The main reason for this blog post is to emphasize our vision we have and always had from the start. EndeavourOS provides a basic and minimal installation with a handful of tools to get you started, so it is not an out-of-the-box experience. It is all about the journey and not the destination, see it literally as the start of a new endeavour with the possibility to learn how Linux works whilst making that journey.

When you made that jump into the deep waters or started your spacewalk, we are certainly not going to let you drown, or float around in space for our own amusement. Instead, we do provide you with helplines as our wiki and more importantly our warm and friendly community on our forum, Telegram or Reddit. Don’t hesitate to ask them for help, nobody will burn you down and no question is considered stupid. Our excellent community is your living and breathing knowledge base and most of all, your safety net whilst discovering the infinite possibilities an Arch-based distro has to offer.

Triple refresh

As I started this blog post, spring is in the air and you already know that we are working to refresh our ISO but that isn’t the only thing that will receive a refresh.

In the wake of what I wrote in the last paragraph, the website is going to receive a refresh also and a possible facelift to make our philosophy more clear and our wiki will receive a major update.

Spring is coming and we are working hard to boost that exciting energy into the community and beyond…


:de: Der Frühling kommt und ein "Refresh" ist in Arbeit


It sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy! I’m certainly looking forward to seeing the changes to the website and wiki (I love a good wiki hehe). As always, thanks for the hard work!


Really looking forward to Spring! Thanks!


Greek translation done, Bryan. :+1:


That’s it. The reason I came and still stick around. This is not an entry level everyone distro. It’s for ambitious beginners and intermediate users looking to grow. I LOVE it’s terminal centric. And it’s what I really feel sets Endeavour apart from so many distros trying to be the distro for everyone. There’s a boatload of beginner distros. There’s few for the intermediary, and this fills a very big void between click and everything works, and build ever piece yourself. Keeping to this I think will continue to spell great things into the future. As we get bigger there will be more loud voices to make things “easier” and I hope that doesn’t end up turning the tide so to speak. Hold the course, it’s working great!


Excellent news.

Shout it from the rooftops!


Romanian translation is on.


French translation done: Le printemps arrive et un rafraichissement est en cours

By the way, I’m sorry for being less present. Real life matters :slight_smile:


Don’t apologise, you’re doing more than enough.


yea real-live first!


Yeah!!! :smiley:
The 64-bit version of EOS for the Raspberry pi 4 will be finally released!!! :dizzy_face:
Wait… That… wasn’t mentioned… or… was it? :thinking:

THANK YOU GUYS for your hard work!
I love EOS so much that I even sleep with a copy of the installer under my pillow (no, not really but I do love the OS! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


Thank you Bryan and team for the best and most stable distro I have ever used. Personally, I can’t wait to experience the “refresh”.


The website refresh is really nice. I’m impressed with the looks. Very sharp!


:portugal: A Primavera está a chegar e preparamo-nos para um revigoramento