Windows XP source code leaked

Yes yes it’s all illegal and bad… :yum:
But holy crap!!

I do wish and hope that Wine devs are taking notes right now on yet unfinished FOSS parts :rofl:

Only bad thing it’s not Windows 7 leak, but still good enough :face_with_monocle:


I love how they put all those Bill Gates movies in there btw :dragon_face:

I would be very cautious about do that eso if I worked on wine. Could become the target of a law suit

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Well obviously :slight_smile:
And they do technically reverse engineer all this stuff for years anyway, with making it:

  1. FOSS
  2. Better (at least the parts they have fully implemented to date)
  3. Not identical


But as on video it’s pointed out - Microsoft can claim and sue anyone with that if they want to, doesn’t matter if whole source is open and truthful like on Wine :unamused:

Anyways, peek on code and making alternative is definitely good idea :laughing:
And Microsoft still can sue you, coz it’s Microsoft :upside_down_face:

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Even if they didn’t purposefully leak it, anyone using it, or something like it, in an open source project can basically just be sued. It would be especially helpful for them if there were some projects we doing a good job reverse engineering it already.

Either way, it’s interesting. I loved XP and would probably still run that today if I had my choice in all honesty. It was fantastic.


I wouldn’t be surprised if MS leaked it to avoid open-sourcing it to Linux. Just their style to deprive people and use the threat of legal action. Mean swine. :pig_nose: Hopefully they don’t pull the ‘you got this from the leaked code’ when Wine, without looking at or using the old code, develops further and happens to be similar in any way MS think they can get litigious about. I would be surprised if they actually did anything like that though, with how many Linux users use crucial software through Wine. They’d immediately be out in the open as an enemy of Linux, so I can’t see that happening.

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Probably they’ll sue Wine just for fun, even if they’ve used 0 codebase from it.
That would also kill Steam / Proton and crush Linux gaming…

Just a thought :shushing_face:

Nobody likes Window anymore, even gamers.
Who could have thought of that :laughing:


One of their twisted dreams may be to do that, but I can’t see that happening, as there’d be uproar, and they couldn’t pretend to like Linux out in the open anymore. Any goodwill, or benefits they get, would evaporate in a millisecond. And I think Valve would step in strongly, with being so keen on competing with MS/not letting gaming become an MS walled garden.

Definitely cool that gamers don’t like Windows anymore; that’s both surprising and great! :+1:t2:

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2020 is all about not pretending anymore :laughing:
Besides…Linux people are not easily fooled.

I can see through all that crap…Buying GitHub, npm…friends of open-source my :zipper_mouth_face:


Couldn’t agree more. :+1:t2:


Oh the Irony, Can’t be stealing from Microsoft, but we’ll steal yours :rofl:

Which is the main reason I switch to Linux in the first place, no way will I ever install Windows 10!!!


You can build your own with no spyware or phoning home with the apps you want preinstalled its fast very fast and Ms supplies the tools and info to make your own they just don’t know that they are doing it a bit like apple and hackingtosh

As long as they stay away from PornHub I’m OK. Otherwise, (oh crap!) we’ll be back to paying for pr0n. :frowning:


Really? I would be interested in building that. That’s awesome. Windows I could almost use. Any info or suggestion where to start?

Have a look through this lot I have a win10 PE iso i use its great i can store programs on the free space the only draw back is i have to instal them each time i use them.

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Jeez Bill you creepy reptiloid…pictures of twin towers and little girls…
Epstein didn’t kill himself, we get it already! :upside_down_face:

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I will. I also have a Windows 10 iso from when they were giving away the free upgrade to Windows 7/8 users. I’ve never used it other than to install it for a couple friends. I honestly think I’ve only used Windows 10 a few hours in total. My work computer is still 7. But that’s definitely interesting and something worth checking out

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Here are two other things I found:

  1. The XP source contains a copy of an vi like editor
  2. You can find multiple uses of the gets c function which is, in any use case, a buffer overrun exploit.

From youtube comments of that last Mental Outlaw video, lots of fun :laughing:


I don’t know about the home and pro versions. The enterprise version is very security conscious compared to the rest, you can choose to enabble/disable all the data harvesting apps updates are not forced and can be delayed for upto 6 months, apart from the security ones and you can choose just to be informed about them. feature updates are delayed a few months so few can be tested on the home edition 1st.
I personally think the home edition is appalling the way users are treated. But to be fair its free with the laptop so its just a testing ground for the enterprise version that is where they earn their money.