Windows XP source code leaked


This is gary/zoner. I am so happy to touch base with you again. Hope you and yours are surviving. I am fine


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Continue our little saga :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No wonder that they hid their source code from us for so long, i guess Microsoft must have been embarrassed about it!


If you are referring to Windows PE then it is a maintenance/troubleshooting tool which is not intended for use as desktop environment.

There is several good guides around the net on how to strip down a Windows Image file.

My preferred method to strip down a factory Windows 10 is using a power shell script - you can find the script on this address


  • I usually download the official ISO - and install.

  • Do first boot and user creation offline (only way to get an offline user account).

  • Before going online the first time

    • copy the above script to an USB stick
    • the script has some reasonable defaults but can be used to strip the system completely
    • open admin powershell
      • enable unrestricted powershell script for current user
    • run the script
    • reboot
    • open admin powershell
      • disable unrestricted powershell script

I use this decrapify method when I prepare laptops for a client - it saves me a lot of headache when I install sql server and a custom application on the laptop

That is why i’m refering to WinPE no breaking Ms rules You can rewrite the ISO or save programs to the end partition install them when needed I stripped mine down to the bare bones,
But that was not the point to my post new users are not like you and i PE means the can do bios updates, unlock windows drives etc simply and that is what new users require.

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Mental Outlaw has outdone himself. This video is pure gold:

I’m crying :rofl:


Bill Gates will soon Inject Windows updates directly into your bloodstream!

F**k that, i’m gone Amish!



About 12 years ago nah 15 nah 10 nah don’t remember times and dates not important anyway just bought my first laptop, no not for junior 's schooling but for me and got to know the tech bloke up the road ,
one day asked him
Q - why is their so many people with so many computer problems ,
A-two reasons he reasoned
1 -M$ is crap or at least their version is and they don’t know what they doing with it.
2 -People well blokes mostly go to the wrong type of websites and malicious codes are waiting for them.
Q - so how can anyone use or have a computer that works properly if it crap to start with , is there any other system out there ?
A- Yeah install Linux that’s what I use not windows Linux
Linux Ubuntu for you who knows nothing much about computers
uh ha thanks
You get rid of windows that gets rid of spyware , viruses and put you in control of you computer think of it as your car do you want someone else doing all the driving of your car
Less than a week later walked back into shop “tada” Linux Ubuntu on the laptop them days
that was a good start then I found all these other things it still exciting when I think about the thrill of finding so much stuff back then for for my laptop.
These days I’m finding new things for my desktop now and just still marvelous . :zipper_mouth_face:

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Oh, after last one he still continued :laughing:
I thought it was end of universe :rofl:

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