Which browser and why?

I am watching this video by the linux eperiment

It made me curious. Which browser or browsers do you use and why?

Currently my browsers on my computer are:

ungoogled chromium/brave browser - work related browsing
Librewolf - personal browsing
Firefox with security/privacy enhancements for I2P, Freenet, Zeronet
Tor browser - for Tor

on My phone I am using:

bromite & brave - regular browsing
Tor - for browsing Tor
Lightning - for I2P

I wish there was one browser that did all the things, respected privacy, was cross platform, and was easy to set up for alternative networks, worked well with the work spyware I need to use, and did not rely on Chrome’s web engine.

I know it’s a LOT to ask, lol.


mostly librewolf (cause nice and sane privacy defaults), or until chrome monopoly forces me to use vivaldi for a moment.
if librewolf doesnt work for one reason or another i do switch to vivaldi (snapshot), but i always gravitate back to librewolf.


If you use the search function in the top right, you’ll see:

Feel free to browse through the links above for an idea of what fellow users prefer as a browser since this topic has been discussed numerous times before.


No Web browser is perfect, but I generally use Firefox. If a distribution provides one, I may use it, but I often download three instances of my own and label each with their own directory under my home directory: firefox-release, firefox-beta, and firefox-nightly. I regularly check out all three. On occasion I report defects I discover during development or daily use, and as a result, these browsers tend to work very well for my personal work load.

I do, however, check out a lot of browsers including all of the mentioned browsers.

Regarding the browsers from the Google/Alphabet “Chrome/Chromium” collection, once upon a time, Google Chrome was a small, lean, fast Web browser. While it’s still pretty responsive, not only do most forms send a lot of information back to their “parents”, they also consume a great amount of memory. I still use them some of the time because I do use the Google Docs/Sheets/Drive collection for certain things.

Still, I’ve used Firefox longer than anything other than Seamonkey. By the way, a few recent “tweaks” I’ve seen with Seamonkey allow me to get an experience pretty similar to Firefox and Seamonkey actually consumes fewer browser resources than Firefox. I generally do not use the Email or Calendar components of Seamonkey, though I’ve used them in the past; I mostly use stuff on my “smart phone” to handle most of my Email and calendar needs.


Firefox fits my needs and i think that we need an alternative to chromium-based browser, so i stay with Firefox.


Firefox for me! :fox_face:


I’m a hardcore firefox user, but must confess waterfox piqued my interest.
Also I wonder what the guy’s problem was with the telemetry in firefox. You can uncheck every telemetry option. Sure it’s annoying to have to uncheck those options instead of having to opt in. But hey, i don’t think that’s a reason to give up on a perfectly fine browser.


I use Firefox but today used chromium what a miracle :innocent:


I use Firefox and Chromium is my back up.


I feel like we just had this thread.

Tor, cause I’m hacker Yo.


Also Firefox and Seahorse.


Firefox and Brave which includes Tor.


I’m one of those weird people that use LibreWolf. Objectively, it’s such a crappy browser, a terrible chainsaw surgery done to Firefox to remove all the nasty parts, leaving so much stuff broken and unusable.

But one grows to like it in time. Definitely an acquired taste.


Well, if you’ll compare it between:

  1. Firefox (usable, but full of crap)
  2. GNU IceCat (absolutely unusable)

You’ll quickly be reminded that it’s God send :rofl:
Compared to IceCat almost nothing is broken, if you know how to do some exceptions… :frog:


If there was anything better, I’d use that, but there isn’t. That doesn’t mean LibreWolf is good. It’s awful.

In a way, it’s similar to the Linux kernel – it’s awful, I hate it, but there isn’t anything better that I could use.

However, unlike Linux, which at least pretends to be a polished product, LibreWolf makes no such pretence.


Librewolf for the most part, but the problem with it is of course that a lot of sites will misbehave with its config, even more so if you have additional addons installed, and for those occasions I keep a less hardened Chromium based browser around.

I like Firefox, it is the last standing browser which allows customization of all elements. As long as that remains true, and it doesn’t fall off the earth in performance, I’ll continue using a variation of it. I do wish it had more market share however, so we could see web devs optimize their site for something other than Chromium.


As WebDev i can say that it doesn’t really have anything to do with market share (for at least last 12 years) you have to REALLY go out your way to “optimize” something specifically for Chrome and not Firefox…Ironically some people do exactly that :rofl:

btw, each time when you see some brickwall, like some huge pop-up which says:

Oh snap! You can’t use Firefox, you need to use Chrome for that site / function

know that only reason you see it - is some idiot created that condition for no reason. :woozy_face:


Yes optimize was perhaps a bad choice of word. What I meant was: test the site in something that isn’t Chrome. But perhaps that is now moot too, and Firefox is simply a much worse browser.


I wouldn’t say that. :upside_down_face:

  • in terms of functionality they’re pretty much the same
  • in terms of performance they both have pros and cons, depending on task / measurement technique
  • in terms of who ate my RAM, Chrome is a running meme :rofl:
  • in terms of who owns who…well financially Firefox is almost owned by Google, that’s why there are some stupid management and decisions…monopolization of market :nauseated_face:

Why another browser thread?

Too many altready, surely people can just their 2c worth at the end of an existing one.

P.S. Sorry for calling you Shirlie.
P.P.S Firefox because it is the only one not controlled by Google.

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