Browsers - 3 are too many

I have been using 3 browsers for over a year, Chromium, Vivaldi and Firefox. That’s one too many. What has brought this whole situation to a head is I also have a couple of wireless mice, Microsoft Mobile Mouse 4000. They are dependable and work well except somewhere in the kernel updates scroll distance diminished dramatically (I think from kernel 4.19 to 5.0). I used imwheel for a while, but it adjusts everything and I only want to speed up scrolling within browsers. Slower speed/distance in Dolphin is a blessing. I tried editing the browser desktop files by adding --scroll-pixels=nnn to the Exec= line, but that’s not a good solution.

Firefox has the wonderful about:config settings page where I can control scroll distance with “mousewheel.min_line_scroll_amount”. Chromium and Vivaldi no. I’ll keep Chromium as a backup and for its tight Google interfacing. So goodbye Vivaldi, you’re one Chromium based browser too many. It was a good run for a year.

Mozilla/Firefox, never get rid of about:config. Please. Chromium based browsers are a pain in the @$$ to modify for user requirements. If my life wasn’t so interwoven with the Google/Android environment I’d chuck Chromium too.

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currently i use firefox too now understand what firefox sync works lol, so have it also on mobile i dont mind general change of heart can be good sometimes :slight_smile:

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I only now started using Firefox sync. Before I did manual sync. I’m also trying Firefox private network for Firefox browser sessions. It works, but there are some delays and every now and then it hangs and I have to kill the browser session. I expect that from an experimental beta program and am not disappointed. Overall it works pretty good and is easy to turn off and on.

I currently use two browsers; Vivaldi for Netflix and other daily tasks (synced on all my devices), and FireFox (I would prefer WaterFox, but it has problems right now), unsynced and FireJailed.

Of cource I use a VPN (and sometimes all of this in a VR-Box using the computer naked in a Farraday Cage wearing a tin foil hat).

Well almost… :sweat_smile:

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Why don’t you also use Firefox for Netflix?

I don’t want to “cross contaminate” and/or have any of my personal data on that browser. Just a precaution.

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thought I would add a note in favor of Brave. Brave often allows access to sites that demand turning off an ad-blocker. (am not intending to spark a debate over use of ad-blockers)

Vivaldi has also some settings hidden:

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Neat find. The urls appear to work for chromium too if you substitute “chrome” for “vivaldi”. Useful, but not as extensive control as Firefox. I couldn’t find mouse settings.

I use four browsers without any errors.

Why? There is no benefit to Waterfox. It’s just lagging in security updates, if you consider that a feature…

I used double browsers for a long time, for the sole reason of “if a page doesn’t work in Firefox, switch to (insert Chromium based browser here)”.
Right now I am only using Firefox, tho. Basically if a page doesn’t work in Firefox, they don’t need me as a reader / customer.

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waterfox was one of the first that used 64bit in the time ??, but is a LTS with there own stuf a bit…

here stil firefox, and having falkon as backup browser :slight_smile:

Yep, back then (what? Five, six years ago?) there was still a point to the browser. Now it is really just Firefox with less security patches.

Brave is a trojan horse for advertisers. Just avoid it.

Any source for the “less security patches”?

Brave has an adblocker inside, is that a problem! :thinking:
Most of the people uses ublock origin or something else.

And the advertising can be deactivated!

Everybody can decide on his/her own, which browser is the best for him/her.

And Mozilla gets a lot of money from google, because they take google as standard search engine! :point_up:

The post I was waiting for…

You cannot trust a web browser with an embedded adblocker. You cannot be judge and jury at the same time. I do not trust this adblocker. How can I be sure it will block any single ad?

There’s a huge conflict of interest here. Can you think one second that Brave - which is a shell for Blink render engine - will bite the hand that feeds it?

And I do really appreciate the final straw man fallacy. Who is behind Blink? Google… So Brave cannot be trust.

What brave just do is open a market, by watching adds you earn something :slight_smile: its a different market share.

as adblockers they are also not waterproof as the ads technology tries also they way to surpass add blocking technology…

since we got a choice, brave has just its own market :slight_smile:

since its also make youtube video’s you also want much as possible subscribers, its technicaly same principal, but if to much uses its browser things get changed and users fired up :slight_smile:

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Blink is open source. Anyone can use it, it’s not a “hand that feeds them”. Also, Opera’s built in adblocker (they are also using the blink engine) works perfectly.

Again, Blink is open source. You don’t like Google, fine. But your statement is just false.