Browsers of choice

just like to see what fellow endeavouros users use for their 1st and 2nd choice, cause we all know one browser just isnt enough when all else fails.

as for myself i fluctuate between firefox and vivaldi.

firefox esr to be exact, firefox will always be in my browser choice for a reason probably many do, cause it isnt chromium, but it also has a great extension system, ublock wont ever be restricted in the near future as well, combine this with the small nicknacks one just learns over the years of constant use.

i first heard of vivaldi when it was just a wee little 1.0 but only started using it at around 2.0
it strikes a perfect middle balance in chromium for me, doesnt wanna know every little thing it can, the team is very transparent about what they are doing and what they do actually collect(and how for that matter) , they wont include the dreaded manifest v3, they have a lot of options and the mighty webpanels of course.

1 - Firefox
2 - Vivaldi

  1. Firefox, always
  2. Chromium, sometimes
  3. Vivaldi, for trying out
  4. Brave, for trying out

On some occasions TOR.

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Same for me:

Specifically, Nightly.

Although, I also use Tor Browser for general searching/browsing.

I only use Firefox and Tor.

I don’t use browsers based on the Chromium engine, except on rare occasions when testing some HTML/CSS/Javascript code. I also sometimes have to use Internet Explorer and Edge at work, but never on any of my computers. My policy on this is: if you want me to use windoze, give me a computer that has that crap on it, I’m not infecting my hardware with that.

EDIT: I just realised this thread is about browsers of choice. I would never willingly choose to use IE or Edge, so please disregard that last paragraph :sweat_smile:

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  1. lynx
  2. Firefox
  3. Tor

It’s not work, they literally torture you! :hot_face:

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  1. Firefox
  2. Vivaldi, but only if the site literally won’t work in Firefox.

I use containers in Firefox so that the need for multiple browsers is minimal.


Indeed, Firefox containers are just wonderful.

I actually don’t mind it, as they provide me with the computers. If they required me to do it on my own computers, I’d instantly quit. I won’t even install Teams on my private computers.

I do pity the machines that run that code…


ah yes firefox containers, a real game changer id say even, its just a shame tnat mozilla just always feel liks googles leashdog with the 500 million compared to apples over 1 billion deal for search engines, and also with the whole webextension thing.

but at least i am content in knowing that even if mozilla may go under firefox wont die with how many people are involved in linux.

all in all, ill never abandon firefox until there is literally no other choice.

  1. firefox, almost always.
  2. qutebrowser, when I’m in the mood.
  3. vivaldi, pretty much only for the < 10 times/year I have to visit a specific site for work that just doesn’t function properly with the other two.

I keep switching back and forth between Chromium and Firefox; I know I “should” use Firefox and keep going back to it because I feel guilted into it, but quite frankly Chromium is just a better experience from a pure useability perspective. Smoother, better syncing, quicker, way better integration in the GTK desktop enviromnent.

Just firefox

I use Waterfox-G3.

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only Firefox here, too. Even though Chromium based browsers run better, use less resources on my system, but i just don’t want them (for privacy reasons)

I used Vivaldi for years, then I switched to Firefox because of the containers (together with temporary containers extension) and scrolling is just smoother and better there.

Then I got a bit tired of all my privacy extensions and the inconveniences it brings in general with browsing. Seeing as every page get’s re-downloaded every time and I started to wonder how private I really am.

Then I tried Chromium for shits and giggles and it was refreshing how fast it is. I really love the tab grouping feature and being able to collapse them together with the great suspender extension I can have many tabs grouped up and not sucking up memory or CPU when I am not using them for 30 minutes.

I find the chromium tab grouping implementation better then Vivaldi’s.

I did went back and forth a bit the last week, even tried Vivaldi again but Vivaldi is a bit sluggish in general. I hope they can give the browser (mostly the UI feels slow-ish) a boost in that regard.

For now, I am using Chromium again together with ublock, clearurls (and the extension chromium wheel smooth scroller, to have good scrolling in chromium) and a few other stuff to make it better.

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Firefox and surf on Linux
ungoogled-chromium on Windows
Bromite on Android
Vanadium on GrapheneOS.

  1. Firefox
  2. Firefox :wink:
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Firefox, sometimes Falkon.

I use Firefox for my first choice and Chromium as my second choice.