Best Browser

Fast and complete browser?
Firefox vs Falkon vs Vivaldi?

Hard to choose :thinking:

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I have tried most “gimmick” or “advanced” browsers and quite frankly only Firefox and Chromium are good enough for me in Linux (in Windows I use Firefox with Edge Beta (the Chromium variant)).

I find the “odd” choices like say Falkon lacking still, while Vivaldi / Opera have 100 more features than I will ever use instead.


hello, Basilisk is life

Basilisk ? What it is?

Really? Later, now I’m in …emergency mode :joy:

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I saw

I tried lots of browsers. We are living in our browser nowadays, all things considered.
So I tried to find a comfortable “home”.
Well, Vivaldi has some extras worth mentioning.
Theming can be changed synchronized to the hour of the day. So, you set the dark theme at your convenience, and during the day, a light one. Awesome.
Tons of options, tabs stacking and more.
But has also its cons, if I can say so. Download windows open from left side , annoyingly reducing your screen estate. Well, you can set that up also, but sometimes doesn’t work always, but like every other bug it will be solved.
So yeah, Vivaldi.

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Looking at the list of features and…?
Is any of that needed, or wanted anymore?

I believe Firefox clones do not keep up with all of Firefox’s security updates.

Anyone else find that current Vivaldi does not allow window resizing?

I use Vivaldi as my main browser because I can set it up to do and look as I want to. I like the sometimes strange, sometimes very useful features as side by side panels, and night theme.

As a secondary browser I run Firefox in Firejail.

Yes, I also use a tin foil hat! :crazy_face:

I have noticed that too. Hopefully it gets sorted with next weeks update.

I like Brave. Great privacy features, earn cryptocurrency (BAT - Basic Attention Token),while browsing, and you can use those BAT to pay content creators right from the browser. It works solidly on Arch, Debian, MacOS and iOS; I haven’t tried it on any other OSes. The project is run by the author of Javascript. Although the crypto feature is cool, it is just a great browser. I was able to build if from the AUR.

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There is no best browser… In my old pc, midori and falkon alway crash with the nouveau driver in the old gt8600… was more a chromium user but now im only using firefox also on phone with the sync… Is well enough keeping the pasw this way is fine im also lazy

I use Chromium and Firefox. Both have an add-on for KeePassXC. For nowadays it’s a catastrophe to export and import passwords these add-ons make life much easier. Just take care of your KeePassXC database and it’s very easy to transfer the data from one browser to the other or even to another computer without using cloud or syncing stuff.

Trying to install brave … but unsuccessfully

Saying that it’s not working, is not very helpful. What command do you use? Which version do you want to install? What is the error message?

Firefox as I like it the most and I refuse to use anything chromium based as that marketshare needs to drop.

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But that is simply a question of how good the browser does it’s job. If a browser is offered, that can be simply installed and then be used for all needed tasks, people will install and use it. According to my experience a lot of browsers lack the one or the other functionality or just don’t run stable. And I’m not sure if you’re messing up Chrome and Chromium. Chromium is open source and just the base for Google’s Chrome browser. Chromium is intentionally reduced in functionality, but can be easily extened.

no command, trying to build from AUR

It’s the same engine and that is the problem imo.