What's the difference between EndeavourOS and Manjaro?


i am using manjaro linux… just abt half years ago, so still consider a beginner.
someone said endeavouros linux is close to arch linux as well ? what’s the different between manjaro (which is also very close to arch) and endeavouros ?


Quite a bit. EndeavourOS is almost identical to pure Arch, Manjaro has curated repos and is quite removed from Arch.

I’ve answered this in much more detail here:

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i have read thru the attached forum about endeavouros … to say the truth, i am afraid to step on another distro… as i am not user to linux , not that much yet. i am currently using manjaro xfce and i have tried so much thing on it and caused the system to be instable and sluggish. lol but don’t know the cause.
i install manjaro xfce on my msi leopard gp602qe … got so much issue… wifi driver issue… and many many things i have customized in order for me to use the laptop comfortably… so much that i was having cold sweat… hence i am afraid to go thru the same tough learning curve of manjaro on endeavour…

also because i don’t have that much of time to go thru what i went thru with manjaro. lol

Just try the live ISO and check your wifi etc. If it works on the live system you’ll get it to work later on.

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This is the perfect transition if you so decide to take the leap. What you have learned with Manjaro will help with that. Many users have gone through the same transition and are happy. As @2000 say’s try the live ISO to see if the wifi is working.

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is there any prerequisite to endeavouros before i try it ? lol i am super nervous… really. all because of what i have went thru with manjaro. lol

If wifi is your main concern, post your Inxi and we can help you solve any issues you may have! :slight_smile:

or any youtube video that i can watch first… to know the basic thing so that i won’t get stuck.

If you check the ArchWiki - Laptop/MSI it states that " Almost everything works out of the box, some configuration needed for NVIDIA just follow Optimus instructions." for the GP602QF, which is very similar to your machine.
Thus, I wouldn’t worry too much.

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superb… with you guys friendly enough and so active and helpful i guess should really hav nothing to worry about lol.


Relax, it’s only one way to find out :wink:
Live USB won’t kill your system

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Just go for it. If you need help along the way I’m sure the forum will do its best to help you set things up.

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which DE you recommend ? for my laptop ? i am more gear toward performance than looks.

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Welcome @andrew_ysk

For better understanding for others, are you ok that I rename your Thread :

What’s the difference between EndeavourOS and Manjaro?

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He winked at ya! I think that means yes.

you can always checkout in virtualbox :slight_smile: is not for real but doing te basics first is ok :slight_smile:

Maybe start with the default one XFCE then when you feel more confortable try others.

ya, will do that. i was checking endeavouros video on youtube. lol.

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According to this thread XFCE is the 2nd most used DE by EOS users. :wink:

This is not like Manjaro, maybe close to Manjaro unstable with the benefit of Arch support and non breakage. Plus the community is much friendlier.