What's the difference between EndeavourOS and Manjaro?

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I’d say Xfce is the most trouble-free. And it is very nice too.


Almost as light as Xfce and equally as fast.
In standard it’s fxxxx as all fxxx but super duper customizable and almost beautiful in its oldstyle chic when done right. :wink:


I had wifi issues with Manjaro . I somehow fixed it . But on Endeavour no problems yet :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That will be a good approach . because XFCE never failed me . It even solved lid closing problem itself :grinning:


Closing lid did not suspend my laptop at first . After a while when I checked the Screensaver settings it showed a warning that lid close will not trigger suspend and do I wish to correct it. Clicked yes and it did :wink:


This is definitely an error in the matrix, which has massively deformed perception. This is the true object, which was obscured by this flaw:



did you said mate is as good as xfce and even better if done right ? well, plasma is as good too, but a bit too much for me to chew as a beginner in linux, hence i will try to use it after i am more confidence with linux.

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you meant lid close suspend os in fxce ? i have lid close suspend issue till now still in manjaro xfce… lol i uses manual suspend all the while… not time to fix it yet… too much to do… and i also have no time to play

Try uninstalling light-locker and install xfce4-screensaver .And open screen saver settings . You may get lucky . I forgot the warning it told me ,that would’ve helped :man_shrugging:


Usually screensaver is slower than lock screens but Xfce differs in that .

The right answer :grimacing:

Can you please tell me how to do that ? is it by pamac just install one and remove the other ?

$ light-locker

** (light-locker:25884): WARNING **: 06:09:47.633: screensaver already running in this session


sudo pacman -R light-locker


sudo pacman -Syu xfce4-screensaver

and reboot , open settings there will be an entry Screensaver
If you see an error about lid close problem please take screenshot (just to know about it)

appreciate it. thx

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