Show your latest purchase! (With pictures)

Grr. I paid £300 for my 64GB… :angry: :rofl:

(Although, it is CL20 rather than CL22… not sure how much real-world different that actually makes…)

It’s $246.99 Cdn here right now.

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Grumble grumble grumble.


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Jeebus. About £128


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@jonathon Next time you’re looking for ram, I ship world wide. It’ll still be cheaper. . .


if the prices are low in the US, I might buy some. I am planning to upgrade my laptop’s RAM from 16 GB to 32 GB.
Just saw crucial’s price. It is $120 for 2x16 GB for laptops.
G.SKILL is $100

These are normal prices here. Not sure if @fbodymechanic paid for shipping? Here i am quoting local pickup.

Ah, I see. The set I got is around $300 anyway,


Why it’s double the price though? :person_shrugging:

I gut ordered the G.SKILL one for $100. Will get it tomorrow.
I have experienced opening my laptop to replace the battery couple of weeks ago. Hopefully the process goes smooth tomorrow.

Something happened in 2016 :thinking:

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I meant that the Kingston RAM is double the price of the GSkill RAM… :sweat_smile:


No idea. But for half the price I figured it was worth at least giving it a shot. Hell $300 is almost 1/3 of what I paid for the whole damn laptop. . .

Edit: if it sucks, I’ll throw it on eBay UK and I’ll probably still make money on it hahahaha.


That’s insane price :exploding_head:
I wouldn’t pay even 10$ for anything Kingston. Utter garbage…

Ah :blush:

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No shipping. With governmental extortion fees $171.xx

Definitely a good price.

And the fun finally begins. The Dell Inspiron 15 will be retired soon. Onwards to offer up it goes. I’m hoping to get enough for a 2tb sabrent m.2

Windows will be gone soon.

And yes. It’s a unicorn. Only AMD.


What? You got another new laptop? I thought you just order memory? Lenovo Legion 5 15" ?

Ya. . . I needed the memory for something lol

It’s nice. Similar to my Thinkbook.