Ryzen 5600H and Radeon 6600M

Hi folks,

since I did not know where to put it, I posted it in this subforum. Sorry if I have placed it wrong.

At the moment I am thinking about buying a laptop with AMD Ryzen 5 5600H and a Radeon 6600M.
Since the 5600H has an integrated graphics unit and I couldn’t find the 6600M at vulkan.gpuinfo.org, I would like to know what problems I should expect.

Here I just saw that @fbodymechanic bought a Legion 5 with the Ryzen 5800H and Radeon 6600M. Does the combo run without any problems @fbodymechanic?

Am grateful for any advice.


I have 6600xt technically. Ran good on Arch. I don’t recall if I ever tried EOS on it, although I had a real pain of a time trying to get WiFi working on the Arch iso.

If EOS doesn’t set it up, switcheroo control is necessary.

This is my gaming laptop and I run Fedora on it currently, and it’s fantastic.


Thank you vey much @fbodymechanic :+1:

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