Maple syrup, smoked maple thickcut bacon, and coffeecrisps, mmm! Oh, sorry, and howdy ya'll! I'm from Canada, eh?!

:microphone: Hello, it’s me

I was wondering if after all these years months you’d like to meet
To go over everything…
They say that time’s supposed to heal
teach ya, but but I ain’t done much healing studying

Hello from the outside great northwest, ie. Canada

:wave: hola, bonjour, guten tag, salve, nǐ hǎo, asalaam alaikum, olá, konnichiwa, anyoung haseyo, zdravstvuyte, namaste, xin chào, shalom! from memory :man_shrugging:

I’ve been a lurker on this forum and the arch wiki/bbs for months. I’ve finally made the decision to create an account in order to learn more by asking questions… Questions… I haven’t asked previously since I was worried of looking, well, too inexperienced, or better yet, silly/dumb/stupid, as a lot of the answers to other users’ questions (elsewhere - cough /spoiler/ arch bbs /spoiler/ cough) sometimes seem passive aggressive and/or being talked down.

I’d like to advance in my social and personal development skills through this, possibly help out if I have reliable information to share in upcoming future (or past) users posts, comment, etc w/ insightful replies/references/experiences. At some point in time, hopefully I may be in a position to able to provide contributions as I grow and be part of this community - where I feel at safe and at home; sort of speaking.

Some of the forums posted questions/solutions that interest me are:

On another note, this one annoyance has ( really ) grinned my gears and so it is now my current personal life goal; i.e., Discovering a solution for how to salvage a drawer stashed with brand new usb flash drives from the last couple years. All were used for trying out different Linux distributions. Some were fine after to reuse ( and are not in that… well, where things go to die drawer, as I call it “the drawer of death” ). While others were not. For some reason I can’t seem to sudo wipefs --all /dev/sdX the ISO 9660 file system signature, re-partition, and reformat. I’ll do a bit more research and try a few more times before posting my question in the appropriate category.

In case you’ve made it this far, i.e., to the end of my [ hour and a half long :smirk_cat: ] self introductory “Hello” wall-post and are curious - “well… who the heck is this user: @coldweathersux - I’ve put a rather delightful write-up on my profile’s about me section.

Oh, annddd… Let me assure you, my username checks out :wink: ( that is, if you do read on plus check out my profile’s about me ).

A heartfelt THANK YOU and SINCEREST APPRECIATION shout out going to all the volunteers, contributors, developers, and users who helped make this forum, the OS, and the community into what it is today!


From the :arrow_down: guy :raising_hand_man: who really dislikes :no_entry_sign: freezing :cold_face: cold weather!


:microphone: Hello, can you hear me?
I’m in California Canada dreaming about who we used to be not having a week+ long late February cold snap again
When we were I was younger and free seasonal weather was normal
I’ve forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet made summer into flood/fire/smoke season, and winter cold snaps weren’t in late February

Ooh (lows, lows, lows, lows), anymore
(Highs, highs, highs, highs)

Apologies for the numerous edits – grammar mistakes, missing few things, added links to referenced material, learning markdown as I go, forgot new line endings (using standard notes to write this in then copy / pasting it here), forgot to thank the community, cool emoji’s to spice things up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and add a closing.


Welcome to the forum (and send some bacon)!


What are you talking a-boot? :canada:

Welcome to the forum, eh?

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I love your profile picture, finally someone with right attitude​:grin:


Welcome to the forum @coldweathersux :enos_flag: :enos: :partying_face::tada::balloon:

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Welcome on the purple side :enos:

nice formatting already :wink:

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Sure thing, lemme just spin up the handy-dandy entanglement system and photon that right over to ya! Might be lil’wee bit crisper on your end though… ya know these quantum state mechanics arent a perfect way to spread the bacon love - yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :nerd_face:

Yahoo! Just learnt to add more quotes! Although, I’d imagine it’s going to be significantly easier from a desktop, rather than a mobile. Which I’m writing this from ATM.


Haha! Reminds me of the good’old Red Green Show

Finally, someone that gets me! :raised_hands: could be a bff moment in the making :eyes:

Hey there! Thank you very much! Looking forward to getting to know more and making some online friends through similar interests!

You nailed it, spot on with the purple side!
Ohhh and purple is my favorite color.

Thanks for the formatting comment. It’s definitely encouraging!


Does everyone get pinged when I quote replied in a single message to all user whom commented?


hello @coldweathersux,

welcome to the purple universe :enos: :enos_flag: :penguin_face: :rocketa_purple:

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Welcome and BTW I’m from Canada too Eh! Yes cold weather sux!

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yes :wink: as long as you tag a user with @coldweathersux the at signed and the username without space…

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Welcome to the forum mate

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Hello @coldweathersux to EndeavourOS forum. :partying_face: :tada: :piñata: :confetti_ball: :beer: :beers:

Hope you enjoy your journey here.

Since cold-weather-sux(sucks), therefore it is better to get warmed up. Hence, I will recommend cough syrup. :laughing: :rofl:

Did you ?

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I see bacon → I hit like button :yum:

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Welcome aboard @coldweathersux and glad you are here! The peeps here are friendly and helpful…feel free to ask away.

Speaking of “asking”…I would like to ask you to join us in the Lounge area where we have spectacular topics like the introspective Question of the Day, the hilarious A Little Joke On A Regular Day, or the equally hilarious The Funniest Caption Contest!

If you don’t join us, one laptop with Windows 11 will die daily. Please think of the laptops.


Welcome to the forum and the purple side of things! Oh, btw, do you play hockey? :grin:

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Welcome @coldweathersux. I love the :snowflake:!

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MMM bacon, oh wait I got distracted! Welcome to the forums @coldweathersux :sweat_smile:


Welcome. I’ve been to the area north of the states a few times. It was cold, even in summer. Glad you enjoyed my writeup, coming in at a solid number 2 on your top countdown.

I would also put a plug in for my favorite topic that didn’t make your list: [Tip] Enable Magic SysRq Key (REISUB)

Welcome and happy Endeavouring.


Hey there! Thank you! Appreciate it! :enos: :slight_smile:

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Good day!

How are things with the Timmy’s in your area?
With only a few locations and a population increase brought on by the housing and real estate boom, things have been getting worse here over the past few years, making it harder and harder to go through the drive-through daily for my double dosage :coffee: runs. :smirk_cat: