Usb Jump Drives

I have run into a problem now where none of my usb discs will either mount or read. It’s saying i don’t have permission or wrong format. Even the disc i used to install Endeavour is saying error mounting /dev/sdb1 at /run/media/rick/ENDEAVOUR unknown file type iso 9660.

USB flash drive :wink:

what are you using to write the image to the usb-stick?

Etcher. I just reinstalled now twice and somethings messed up. I have TMP folder under devices which i never saw before.

I just installed another OS and it reads all the disks. I’m not sure what had happened but when i reinstalled EndeavourOS and it wouldn’t read any discs. There are quite a few updates and maybe something went wrong. I will have to try it again maybe later.

Okay… i think i fixed the problem. It now reads the disks. Something messed up big time. My file browser works and the odd devices and folder are gone. Back to normal. I destroyed it somehow? :thinking: