Anyone heard from @jonathon?

None of his custom repos have been updated in over 2 months, and all his AUR packages are outdated and gathering tumbleweed too.

Not like him is all … even if he decided on a whim to go long term glamping.


Hopefully just an early vacation.

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Sometimes we really need a break from all of the stuff that we are doing. Jonathan did an enormous amount of stuff in his life long ago when I shared some online life time with him.

Hopefully he is well & is just doing what he has to, to take care of his well being.

If you have contact info’ for him, send him an email & check that he is OK?


He’s around. He’d probably burnt out with Linux stuff and trying to help vampires and entitled kids. I have been for a while now and I’m still having a really hard to get back into it, and he did 100x more than I ever thought of.



I saw a message from him a couple of days ago so he is still around in a limited capacity.


There are some very sad news on the mailing list.

Don’t really know what to say.

Never met him in person, but what I do know is:

Great guy with a ton of passion and knowledge about linux. He did a tremendous amount of work for the various linux communities, such as:

Maintaing almost 200 AUR packages
Hosting and maintaining Arch time-shifted repos
Helping users in various forums
Moderating forums
Reporting and fixing bugs
And much more…

May he rest in peace


Oh no! Where did you see this? My thoughts are with his family…


The link i posted before. (Also linked in the previous post now)

Kinda still hope it’s a fake post, but I’m afraid it’s not.

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Sorry, completely missed the embedded hyperlinks (shocked!).

There will be a cloud somewhere compiling away :angel:

RIP Mr Fernyhough.

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I did not know him closely, but I am aware that he did a lot for Linux and the community. In the Manjaro forum he once banned me a long time ago - which I am proud of now …

R.I.P. Jonathon


I never met him either, but I’ve never known of anyone so energetic and productive. This is so sad.

I remember giving him some pointers when he first started building (Manjaro32) kernels. It seemed like literally within hours he knew more about it than I did. He was such a talent. RIP


Just last night I was searching for news about @jonathon, even looking on the University of York website. I found there that Jonathon was still listed as an employee, which gave me hope that he’d be back with us.

My last personal message from Jonathon was in June 2020, soon after I followed him to EndeavourOS from Manjaro. I had thanked him for the encouragement he had given me on the Manjaro forums. He responded, and I saved his message:

Thank you! :hugs:

Thank you, Jonathon. I wish I could hug you now.


Very sad news. As @moson outlines, his contributions to the community were many and varied - Jonathon the Great indeed.

Rest in peace.


What a tremendously sad news.

@jonathon was a great person.

Rest in peace, brother!


Jonathon is the reason I choose EndeavourOS and became a member of this forum. He was always willing to help anyone. What a great loss this is!

I will miss him dearly. :frowning:


It feels surreal. He will be greatly missed but never forgotten…


He helped more people with Linux than most of this entire community combined ever will. He will without question be missed. I haven’t spoken to him in a couple of months, but I thought he was just angry at all the trolls on the forums/telegram.

I’ll raise a Boddingtons to him soon. Cheers man.


Indirectly, it was the same for me, because my dissatisfaction with the big M began at the latest when Jonathon was treated so badly by certain people at M that he preferred to leave.


Jonathon is a legend. The most respected person in Archlinux community, that I have known.

May he rest in peace!

Καλή αντάμωση, φίλε!