Honoring Jonathon with the next EOS ISO release

(posted in Pub lounge) for lack of a better forum.

I’d request that the Endeavorous Brain Trust team that we attest our hardware’s faith with releases and updates do consider deviating from the space named theme of the next ISO and honor Jonathon Fernyhough aka @jonathon and his contributions to the Arch and Endeavorous communities.

As @Bryanpwo mentioned here after this thread got activity, Jonathon recently passed away after cancer took his life.

After floating the idea on the Telegram group as an idea, I was encouraged to posting on the forum.

FYI @joekamprad


I am in favor of that! :+1:

If it is going to be done at all (and I don’t know whether that is a good idea or not), the most important thing is to do it tastefully and respectfully. I know we all want to honour and remember Jonathon, but changing the usual theme and naming an ISO edition after him might give the wrong impression and appear over-the-top. Even though he helped the distro a lot (as well as many individual users of it), Jonathon wasn’t directly associated with EndeavourOS, so care should be taken to avoid giving the impression that the passing of a respected member of the wider Arch Linux community is being used for promotion of an EndeavourOS ISO. That would be very tasteless, indeed. And while I know this is not the intention, people who don’t know better often seem to assume the worst.

So, I’d keep the normal theming, and perhaps add a small note: “In memory of Jonathon, to whom we are all indebted.” or something like that…


I tend to agree with @Kresimir.

Although I bet he’d be ok if we started naming the iso’s after the date of their release. . . it feels very simple, and dare I say, Arch like. . . hmm.

I would suggest, if there’s some way we can preserve his username/account so that it doesn’t go defunk after a year without use. I’d love to see him kept around as an honorary member going forward. Especially if nothing else, we should retire the account name. I don’t want it end up randomly in the hands of another.


I agree with @Kresimir and @fbodymechanic , and would add that as time is passing, it’s in the nature of life that more of us - from the official team and from the community - will naturally in our moment join Jonathon. (No rush of course, but nobody can stop the natural way of things).
So maybe have somewhere in the Website a page as a “Hall of fame” or “Hall of remembrance” of all those dear ones, which names will grow along the years.
Just a suggestion.
(This of course, hoping that EOS will stand long time after all of us, in this crazy world of ours.)


I understand the feeling of honouring Jonathon completely, especially since the news is so fresh.
As @Kresimir already wrote, Jonathon wasn’t an official team member of EndeavourOS and it wouldn’t feel right to name the next release after him. Cassini was released barely two weeks ago and the next major release will be months away and all the dust will have settled surrounding his passing by then.
If we would do that, this will surely receive a bad rep for us.

As Kresimir already mentioned, an honorary dedication to him on the next announcement of the first upcoming refresh release (Cassini Neo) feels more appropriate.


Arch did it right, in my opinion: