Windows lets you now to access your Linux filesystem, but

… you will have to do it from inside WSL and then use File Explorer to browse it.

So if you dual-boot Windows and Linux using different disks you can, with this update, access your Linux files on the Linux disk from inside of Windows 10 (albeit inside WSL 2 inside Windows 10).

And because WSL 2 is able to expose Linux file systems to File Explorer (the file manager, previously called Windows Explorer) you can use browse a native Linux filesystem (mounted in WSL 2) as though it was a regular one


how many time before a malware windows will use wsl2 to go on ext4 disks ?


If you needed another reason not to dual boot…


Only ext4 or Btrfs too ??

In that article, they mention “native Linux filesystem” and “filesystems like EXT4”.

You could follow this blog post if you want to find out more or ask questions:

Starting with Windows Insiders preview build 20211, WSL 2 will be offering a new feature: wsl --mount . This new parameter allows a physical disk to be attached and mounted inside WSL 2, which enables you to access filesystems that aren’t natively supported by Windows (such as ext4).

So, if you’re dual booting with Windows & Linux using different disks, you can now access your Linux files from Windows!

That’s terrible. :mask:


wsl2 will need a mask :mask: to just access on filesystem linux


This was literally my first thought when I read the OP. I’ll pass, thanks MS, and your insistent trudging towards trying to ruin linux…


Windows is intent on wiping out Linux for good. Windows loves other software then they destroy it


Hijack -> Subvert -> Destroy…What a classic :unamused:

I suggest we officially disavow dual-boot in wiki as not secure option from now! :penguin:


Only if Windoze is involved and if Windoze has network/internet access. :wink:

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Don’t let Windows infect your Linux … :mask::face_vomiting:


Like letting a syphilitic hooker screw you bareback.

No thanks.

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You know you can always dual-boot arch with arch. :rofl:


My recommendation for Windows users who want a Unixy experience isn’t WSL, WSL2 or Cygwin.
Its either GitBash OR - if they have the RAM - a Docker container running EndeavourOS :slight_smile:

My recommendation for Windows users who want a Unixy experience is to format their windoze drives and install Linux.


Sure, but they often have that one “killer app” which is only found on Windows. The one they are familiar with, know how to use and will never change.

Or…you know…games.

We see unfamiliar things and think “ooh how exciting!”. They think “I don’t like this, I want to write my spreadsheet the way I always have”.


How dare you?! :upside_down_face: :wink:

Shiissh, that’s heavy! :rofl:


It’s either the spreadsheet done the lame way or the “Unixy” experience. Your choice, buddy!

I’m not a gamer myself.

But the number of Windows users who will specifically site games or MS Office or the Adobe Suite etc as their reason for not running Linux - or dual booting Windows - is legion.

Of course, its possible to run popular games on Linux BUT it requires a little know-how and a little work. Two things that automatically disqualify it for the vast majority.

Also there have been occasions where Linux users were auto-banned from certain games for having the temerity to not be Windows users.