What is your main constructive criticism about EOS?

DEs sort of wash into each other but I guess that’s not something endeavour can really solve beyond a warning in the installer. I’ve installed both MATE and KDE and used both; now Qt apps are in dark mode for some reason despite me setting both to light mode. Recently I used GNOME again to try and make mirroring work (it didn’t) and now Waterfox G5, which previously used my MATE theme, has a messed-up dark mode. Still, it’s a great distro!

P.S. any idea on how to set up mirroring to other devices?

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I say this is a skill issue. :laughing:

But don’t worry, it’s easily fixable. I found out how to do it myself just about a month ago. :sweat_smile:

You need kvantum, qt5ct and/or qt6ct with the same theme for both GTK and Qt. Problem solved. You may also need lxappearance, but maybe MATE’s theme changer is enough. And you may not actually need kvantum since you have KDE itself. :thinking:

NB: This only solves theming. For any default application issues, sometimes the only way to get one app to recognise another as the system default is to remove the other app that loves to steal the spotlight. I experience this right now with Dolphin and Nemo. If I don’t already have Nemo running, my web browsers will always try to open Dolphin. But because it’s not set as the default, it either silently fails (chromium browsers) or gives me an error that Dolphin is not found (firefox). :roll_eyes:

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Installing more than one DE in Calamares will be impossible from Galileo and up, due to the issues you have encountered and described over here.

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While I did install a GUI to search and install packages, I don’t think that should be included in the default install. This would stray too much from the Arch roots, I guess. (It would draw in more people not feeling ready yet for a CLI-centered workflow…)

It’s great that “yay” is already present, as this is quite a chain of installs in Arch to get. After a couple of weeks, I got used to updating the system and do most installs by using “yay” and not so much the GUI Pamac. (I admit I came here from Manjaro)

This is my first KDE-desktop that does not break within a couple of weeks - great job, EndeauvourOS Team!

I tried several themes for KDE, but in the end I always come back to the half bright half dark Breeze theme.

  • A half-and-half and a bright “EndeavourOS” theme for KDE would be nice.

But in the end, that’s just colors which I could change myself if I wasn’t too lazy to do it.

I like the update-reminder, but often miss to hit it on time an update using yay manually.

  • A how-to explaining how to switch from SystemD boot to Grub (for ease of use of BTRFS images during boot) would be nice, too. Apart from that, SystemD boot runs fine. Not even Windows 11 destroyed my dual-boot :wink:

Always one of the first thing I load on any distro.

Hmm… does Menta have a Qt equivalent though? Also, how exactly does kvantum factor into into all of this? I haven’t done much KDE theming besides selecting Oxygen

Usually there is an equivalent. Just did a quick search and found this: https://store.kde.org/p/1255268/

If that’s not it, type “menta” in the searchbox up top or use this link: https://store.kde.org/find/?search=menta&page=1

Kvantum is specifically for when you don’t have KDE, but you have Qt apps. As you have KDE, it’s probably irrelevant.

Side note:

Using that site coupled with the one below is a great way to find matching themes so that you can get that uniform look in your apps.

And for Gnome or GTK in general, really.

They really are all the same site — just with different (tailored) download options

Your first link is just a color scheme.
I’ve tried searching the KDE store before and even after checking today there wasn’t anything I could find… Most of the results are for Elementary and there weren’t any mimics of the Menta global theme. I’ve also tried searching for MATE. This “Gaia” thing looks promising though.

How would I configure this theme if I did find it? Every single Desktop environment I have is in light mode, Waterfox has fixed itself, yet Qt apps (at least KDE settings) still have many black elements

I’ve also tried the Qt GTK2 thing but as Menta does have a GTK2 version I have installed I think I configured the env-var thing wrong

Well, good to know you don’t have your heart set on using menta and menta only, because I’ve never seen it before today.

If the green aesthetic is what you are looking for, there are actually quite a few to choose from.

One thing I am sure of is that you need to decide which theme you want first, then try to find its equivalent on the KDE section. If it’s not there, try another, and another, etc.

It is rare that you find a theme that is perfect for you. So you may have to either use Menta on MATE and a similar theme on KDE that isn’t too jarringly different when you open up a MATE or Qt app, OR choose another one that is similar in design then change the colours manually.

So, once you figure out which route you’d like to take, we can go from there.

That shouldn’t be the case because most themes are environment independent. If you mean the theme’s name says “elementary” that is just what it is based from, but in most cases, it is irrelevant as far as installation goes.

By “for elementary” I meant based on Elementary. It’s quite obviously worlds apart from Menta.
What I’m looking for is to sort-of skeumorphic aesthetic.
Still, I have the weird problem with KDE apps on MATE where the theme doesn’t fully apply.

In that case, you may just need lxappearance after all.

That’s for GTK, not Qt

Right. I should’ve said kvantum.

Agreed. There are hundreds of Linux Distros. It is a near certainty that no matter what someone is looking for in an OS, it’s already been built! Instead of pushing for EOS to be transformed into something else, just go download that something else! I keep circling back to EOS because of what it is, not because I wish it was “better”.


oh nooooooooo
i prefer purple :wink:

Would you prefer it if the distro shipped with the default KDE Plasma wallpaper for that release, with an EOS logo overlaid? I can kind of understand what you’re saying, but in the end, it’s a wallpaper, and 90% (statistic pulled out of thin air) of people will change it to their own preference within minutes.


this sounds like a hidden team decides without listen to the community … :wink:

Everyone is welcome to contribute.

All designs logos icons wallpapers are created by community members.

But i do not think this will need a contest, first thing it needs is someone creating it.

Where does the impression come from that developers are not willing to involve the community?
Sounds really not like an impression you would get on EndeavourOS.


Integrated dotfile backups would be a great addition. :eyes:

I don’t really even know what they are, but I hear they are a great way to back up personal configs.