What is your main constructive criticism about EOS?

whats wrong with a simple copy command?
cp -r .* /path/to/destination

So this command will copy all the settings of all my apps and what not? And I can just restore them after a fresh install?

Very cool. But I’d still like a single click button for it in the helper. Not a fan of memorising commands.

Create yourself a text file with new commands that you learn, I’ve done this over the last few years and have found it very handy and it has helped me memorise quite a few of them.


I’d prefer to have a single, visual button to click to do the job.

Or maybe I’ll just ask chatgpt to make me a backup script and a pacman hook for it, no clicks required. :smiley:

Cool, I just tend to backup my settings as I go but thats the great thing about Linux and the modern computing world is choice

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I feel like perhaps it would be nice to change up the EOS app icons a tiny bit. What I mean is, for example, add a little white bell symbol at the center of the EOS logo for “Configure EOS Update Notifier” app icon, perhaps a little gear or wrench symbol for the “akm” app icon, a little magnifying glass with a paper for the “EndeavourOS log tool”, etc.

this is kind of what I mean:

I think it would look neat and make it even easier to visually differentiate all these apps from each other (since, at the moment, they all have the same icon) :"d
speaking of, I would keep the “Welcome” app the way it is, without changing the icon at all.

one problem I see with this all of this, the symbols wouldn’t be very consistent across all the different DEs and WMs. I mean it would remain the same across all of them, but would it fit for each one? Considering that the tiny icons for the buttons in the Welcome app do change across DEs and WMs?

I think this icon is set by the theme (I may be wrong)


sorry i didn’t have a button to give you only a command after all this isn’t Windows.

on a serious note you could simply create a desktop file with the exec like
bash -c cp -r .* /path/to/destination
put it on your desktop or create a menu entry for it or both :wink:

thinking about it you should probably put the path to your home folder in it if you do something like a desktop file or menu entry.
bash -c cp -r /$HOME/.* /path/to/destination

Hi, joe,

English wasn’t my native tongue so sorry for the confusion.

my post wasn’t meant to imply that you guys are not willing to involve the community.

It simply meant that maybe the Developer needs to -actively- seeking community input on some aspect of the distro (especially aspects that doesn’t requires technical know how).

I think it’s good for engagement. Good engagement means maybe more people willing to monetarily support the cause :slight_smile:

Of course I posted this while not actually aware that Bryan already put a notice to involved the community to design new wallpaper design! (so my bad!)

Perhaps people are not really aware that IF you can write a script once to do the job, it can be ‘drag-and-drop’ installed in the Welcome program for later re-use. Take a look at the ‘Personal Commands’ item. So - a button for the purpose is fairly easily achieved :grin:


I guess you would need single quotes around this for the command line to work.

your probably right i was just thinking at the command line itself.

simple command would be decent alias however lol

I probably wasn’t paying attention and only came across this thread today.
Regardless, I thought I’d share my personal opinion.

Here are my 2 cents:

  • I chose EOS because I want to use an Arch system but don’t care whatsoever about installing it “the right way” like we’re still in the 90’s for absolutely no reason at all other than typing “btw” in random online forums.
  • Given the point above, I would much rather have as few (close to zero tbh) eos-* packages, and instead have an “advanced” tab in Calamares, with more configuration options simplified to single-click config. (eg choosing (radio buttons with pre-selected what is now shipped as default) default shells, boot system, init system, inclusion or not of yay/paru/other, Flathub/Flatpak support, a snapshoting solution, etc).

That’s not to say that I don’t already highly appreciate what EOS has done, I absolutely do!

But I think, especially in the Linux ecosystem where everything from the DE to the init system can be controversial, making changing those controversial changes at install time extremely easy could be beneficial. For example:

  • Would be very “welcoming” to all new users with their preferences and strong opinions
  • Make the iso extremely flexible (install different things on different systems)
  • Make creating pre-configured installs extremely simple (just checkboxes in a single config file) if not obsolete (because the installer is now so flexible).

Obviously this is an Arch system, and every one of those choices can be made after the initial install, and configured by following the arch-wiki.
My point, however, mostly revolves around the extreme simplification of the process of getting from 0 to a personalized and clean Arch system.

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It sounds like you just want a GUI installer for Arch Linux. :eyes:

Those exist already, by the way; no need for your “constructive criticism” to be that EOS is more than an Arch installer.

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Why not? It’s my criticism, you don’t have to agree with it :slight_smile:

There are others indeed, but none does it as well as EOS, which is why none is as popular too.
My opinion is just that I would rather EOS focuses (edit: and expands, as I described above) on what it does (in my opinion) best, which is elegantly and effortlessly install an Arch System.

I find it sadly amusing how the project lead can be so honest and yet there continue to be members of the user community who ask for new buttons to do some specific feature, or installer option to give yet one more choice. Are some people so narrowly focused on their own preferences and presumptuous to demand that a very limited development team cater to their every whim? I guess that is the world these days. I am sorry Bryan.


So are you willing to share that talent with the Dev team to show your support in putting in a feature like this?

Are you suggesting that a person who would like to see an init system choice at install time have the knowledge or ability to implement that type of choice? :rofl:

Being completely honest, I don’t really know a lot in regards to iso development.
And to be frank, because this is what I’m sensing you are insinuating, a reply along the lines of

This is too much work, and the limited team would not be able to offer that

would be unquestionably accepted and respected.

I’m not sure why people appear be taking offense to me expressing my opinion.
All I said was (dumbed down version) that I would rather have a checkbox for enabling Flatpak, choosing zsh, or not installing yay instead of an update notifier, a script for updating eos-mirrors, an eos-sendlog or new purple wallpapers.

Most likely because the way you expressed it was demeaning to the distro, and insulting to the devs who break their backs making the distro good.

Your words come across as “EOS is nothing more than a glorified installer, so just give up and focus on that.”