What is your main constructive criticism about EOS?

Of course, we all love this distro and say nothing but good things, but we don’t really discuss what we feel needs improvement. I am curious what others have to say. I’ll go first.

I always appreciate when an OS ships with very high quality, thoughtful wallpapers, and I must say I am really not a fan of the default wallpaper the OS ships with. It gives the distro a very cheap, low budget feel for a first impression. Hope to see that change with a future release.

That’s about all I can say.


Do not change a thing, it’s perfect the way it is.


Pretty good as-is. The only thing I can think of is that the update notifier may be unnecessary as Arch updates pretty frequently. I know they ran a poll on that not too long ago.

Instead, I run arch-audit-gtk so I get a notification if there’s a security sensitive update pending. That only goes off once in a great while, but it lets me know I need to make updating a priority.

A very minor thing though. At this point, I’ve been running EOS for a couple years and it’s proven to be a very reliable daily use OS.


I agree about the lack of various wallpapers. Right now that is about the only thing I can think of.


Logo design can definitely be improved, I wish they would do a contest for it, and wallpaper too.

The community can and is willing to help.


Nothing really, the only thing I remove from the default install is the update notifer. One option I would like to see even if its only added to the list of other programs you see in the welcome app after an install is this https://archlinux.org/packages/extra/x86_64/kdeplasma-addons/ but at the same time it only takes me a few extra seconds to add it myself

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Too much purple. Not enough green.


Problem is there isn’t enough consistent help. they are having to let go of community editions because of a lack of help to keep them maintained.


It’s just a simple contest to involved community to design aspect of the OS (in this example I gave, the logo of EOS) out of the box. Not daily maintaining it.

Think recent Libre Office icons contest.

know nothing about any contest for anything as I am not in the loop.

Really rather the efforts go to something more important than a few simple silly images that anyone can download over the internet for free.

It may looks silly but Logo can be used as branding. Branding draws people. The “Purple” draws people. If not logo then it can be something else, anything as long developer willing to involved the community, even if it’s just a little bit, like picking next ISO default Wallpapers.

Not everything needs to be something practical.


wasn’t talking logo just wallpapers and icons which there are plenty of free ones on the net.

isnt’ that what tik tok is for?

Yep, there are plenty out there. But I’m sure there are bonafide Designer among us that would love to show their skills but needed that push to do it. It would be fun, trust me.

Also TikTok is fun. And just like everything else should be approached moderately.


If you say so I wouldn’t know I’ve never been on it. Doubt I ever will.


I could see two ways to improve the distribution, and while both are tied to my use case both might be interesting for similar users:

  • When installed on BTRFS file systems offer a support package, consisting of for instance btrfs-assistent, timeshift, timeshift-autosnap and the likes
  • The update checker should be configured with different default, I think currently it yaps about every possible update to even a single package, while maybe “Updates are at least a day old” or “At least 50 packages need updates” seem a better default to me

What do you think?


I never used this just always uninstalled it as like you say its annoying lol. I do have a conky that shows me how many updates are available I find this approach much easier and less annoying.

However for those who do use it. I’m sure a config file that would allow you to choose when to annoy you could be beneficial.

Just saw this after closing this thread lol

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We are always open to help from the community, as for the wallpaper design that is discussed over here, I did post a request over here. It brought us one reaction, so it isn’t as easy as it may sound to attract people for the job.

A little footnote, our Atlantis, Apollo, Artemis, and Cassini releases were designed by a professional designer.


As long as the visual design remains the main point of criticism, the developers have done a great job.


you need to make a frog themed spin-off


I like it the way it is–a bit sparse. A fresh EOS install is a clean slate I can clutter up to my liking. As far as the wallpaper, there’s an endless supply of free, down-loadable wallpapers available to suit any taste. You’re never going to 100% please everyone. If I get a vote, I say leave it alone.