What games are you playing?

I got a lot of fun out of it in non PVP mode but then I lost my uninsured cobra, I keep on thinking about going back to it to grind one up again.

I am playing C# - high score at current project

  • number of lines = 32.593
  • number of code files = 293
  • number of code-generated lines = 29
  • number of user-entered blank lines = 3.351
  • number of user-entered comments = 16.197

Last build was 2.1.20268.1730 (major.minor.$yy$dayofyear.hhmm)

Gotta say I’m impressed with the current state of Linux gaming…
Aside from a bit of tweaking, all of my Steam games I have tried, worked!

Installed Uplay through Lutris to test Watch Dogs 2, again no problem!

Epic Games Launcher also installed without a hitch.
Right now I’m installing The Outer Worlds through there, but I have a gut feeling that It’ll also work :slight_smile:



With minor tweaks it should :slight_smile:

I have the Epic store version, so I don’t think proton applies… (or does it?)

Anyways we’ll see :slight_smile:

edit: yeah it should run, I remember running it on PopOS! through Lutris on my old MSI laptop

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Oh, well it should be more or less same anyways :laughing:

Here you go, some tweaks still needed :wink:

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Just a warning, you have to use a protontricks command to get Elite running in linux and that command has been running for 2 hours already… so don’t expect to be able to install and play immediately.

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took about 45 mins here to get it running yesterday.
After a bit of fiddling to get it fullscreen, it seems to run fine now.

Am waiting for a flightstick with throttle control now to play it,

so far all of these games have been found working over here:



I’m noticing a bit of a theme here :space_invader: :star2: :night_with_stars:

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that obvious huh? :grin:

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I mean yea, but also space/sci-fi stuff are cool as hell. :wink:

My theme at the moment is a bit worse though :grimacing:



Just bought one of these:

Works very well with Steam link and PS4 remote play.

I play very few new games. I only have 2 PC games:


One is old, the other is a little newer. Otherwise I play a lot of ROMs. The games were better in the past in my opinion :wink:


Indeed! :slight_smile:

Why oh why do you use Windows 10 for just 2 games?! :scream:


I needed to do a little with Windows. I have several computers. Some with Linux others with Windows.

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Well…If i can do anything to help you completely ditch that “little” and forget about Spyware OS - let me know :wink:

No computer deserve to be treated with that horrible mess! :laughing:



Found a cheap key for Vampyr today,
gonna stay out of the sun, and do some flesh hunting today :slight_smile:


It’s coming free on PS+ next week so I might be trying it out then.

I rarely use my PS4 anymore…
it’s a launch day model, and it’s starting to show it’s age.
Took it completely apart, gave it a clean, and renewed it’s thermal paste, but after half an hour of playing, it’s like a jet engine underneath my tv.

Just divinity 2 with friends once a week … Soo good though ! :sunglasses: