What games are you playing?

I tried Xonotic, but it’s too advanced for me, I can barely last a minute.

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I don’t have much time for gaming, but I do like to play Minecraft (the Java version) from time to time.

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None. :disappointed: Because my computer is being repaired after I stupidly wiped my hard drive with all my steam games on it :weary: However, the minute I get it back on Saturday, I’m going to load up Fable anniversary. I’ve had a strong craving to play that game for the last week even though I haven’t played it in years…

Btw great thread topic :video_game:

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Too busy this days for actual play, but i test a lot!
And here are games that i have tested extensively on Linux through Wine:

Batman Arkham city
Batman Arkham origins
Batman Arkham knight
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Dishonored 2
Dishonored: Death of the Outsider
GTA Vice city
Hitman Absolution
Max Payne
Max Payne 2
Max Payne 3
Mirror’s edge (2009)

What i love and search for in games:

  • Freedom
  • Open worlds
  • Style
  • Atmosphere
  • Music
  • Good physics
  • Good AI

Basically either it’s those who bring something technically new to the table, or stylish with a great gameplay and interactivity - sometimes both :slight_smile:

I love to explore a great designs!

Last game from that list i have really played hard and long was Dishonored - what a masterpiece!! :heart_eyes:

P.S. Oh and i love to play SEGA games through KEGA emulator :video_game:


I think it’s great how you’re testing these games. As we discussed previously, if more people knew about lutris, wine staging, steamplay etc. And how effective they are. Windoze would definitely loose a bigger market share of gamers.

Agree with you on all of these, except maybe physics… For me open world, style, atmosphere and music are the main things I look for in my games to have an immersive experience.

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Exactly, that’s my goal, still trying to write guide as easy and accessible as it could be, so anybody can finally throw out their Win setups! :slight_smile:

Lutris does a really good job with that, but still it’s little bit hard to find essential information sometimes even on their pages :slight_smile:

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This is my go to resource for checking if games work.

For maximum compatibility I recommend:

Here’s my selection of games that I have installed:


From my experience, gamers in perticular, just want things to work. I did show Linux to some friends and even installed different distros for them to try out, but in the end they just want to play games on their computer. And if you only want to play games it really doesn’t matter to most, if they use Windows or not.

I agree with that. In that I literally only use my desktop for gaming, so I just want to be able to sit down and get on with my gaming when I have time to do so.

BUT I just hate the ugly windows desktop and their incessant updates. Not to mention I prefer the security of using a Linux system for privacy reasons. So even though it would be easier to stick to windows for gaming, the reasons I listed above are why I’ve installed a Linux partition on my desktop -As I’d rather take Linux and have to tweak some games, than play games easily on windows, but have to deal with windows and their invasive ways.


Here’s little WIP table of comparison from my guide:

Platform Pros Cons
Linux Steam • Very easy to use
• Performance are same or better than Win or Native
• Big community willing to help and fix problems
• Based on proprietary Steam client
• Your game library and saves depends on Steam corporation (unless you manually backup)
Linux Wine • FOSS
• Privacy
• Easy when you know where to look
• Gives you 100% control of your engine, data and games
• Big community willing to help and fix problems
• Requires some knowledge or additional tools for ease of use
• May break on update if you always use latest engine (not recommended practice which is easy to avoid!)
Windows • Ease of use
• Compatibility out of the box
• Huge privacy and security risks!
• Forced updates
• Performance getting worse and worse compared to late years Linux examples, because a lot of resources or computer are aimed on spying even when you game.

Only Hearts.

I will have to take a look at this glorious eggroll! Could you maybe do a small write up for others as to how to install and use it?


This thread reminds me I need to go back and edit/update my guide to Steam on EndeavourOS. :grinning:


I’d like to read a guide to Proton without Steam. I refuse to make a Steam account, because I don’t want Valve spying on me. But I have a bunch of physical copies of somewhat old games that use DirectX11, which worked fine on windoze 7 (the last version I used), and I’d like to play them using Wine with GloriousEggroll’s Proton build…

Maybe I could figure it out on my own, but I never really bothered.

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Writing, but in a nutshell: it requires compile from source then use it with Wine (if you want to completely bypass Steam and use Proton, probably PlayOnLinux will distribute compiled Proton, a lot of people asking.).

Although really you don’t need it in 99% of cases, you can use wine-staging with dxvk + esync it will pretty much be same result as Proton :wink: That’s basically what they call “Protonified” Wine usually.

You can grab latest wine / wine-staging engines from repos and install dxvk with Lutris (easiest + very easy to enable esync) or winetricks, if you want some specific versions of wine, check here from staging-linux-amd64:

To use glorious eggroll you can just download it from github and use this instead of system wine, you can wait for my guide or i can send you quickly commands if you’re in a hurry :upside_down_face:


No rush :grinning:

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Wow, some of you are pros. I have 3 games installed, all made for linux.

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I’d love to read a guide that included this :smiley:

Looking forward to reading what you write.

In my mind, the ideal wine setup would be completely FOSS (except the game binary, obviously), and ran on a separate account, and without any network access (just in case some game likes to keep online usage statistics and similar shenanigans).


Same here + Portable, might i add :yum:


Almost through the Last of Us Part II.

My neverending favorite is Grand Theft Auto Online though. That game has probably lost an entire year of my life to it.

PS4, I don’t game on computers, they are for work. If I’m playing video games, I want to play on my TV/console.