What games are you playing?

EAC on linux was a failure due to the fact that they don’t have the kernel functionality to restrict the users access to processes which their windows crap relies on heavily. same for BE.

Jeez…Maybe better avoid those games then? :rofl:

How do I get “Path of Exile” to run without Steam? I do not like Steam.

I had this on Super Nintendo and Loved it.

Did you know they used the engine from Mortal Kombat II for this game? Explains why it feels similar with the fighting animations.

I might have to fire up the Sega version to see if there is a difference.

Easy! :slight_smile:

  1. Read Linux gaming
  2. Use Lutris https://lutris.net/games/path-of-exile/ (Wine Standalone w/ DXVK version)
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Oh yes, very impressive might i add!
It’s like earliest motion capture style technique :laughing:

A lot, way better sound and a little better graphics - highly recommend to try out SEGA one :partying_face:

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Sega versions of games that were released on that and SNES are usually way better. Aladdin is a great example.

I grew up with SNES but I got to play Zelda, Mario, and Final Fantasy at least.

I’ve started playing SOMA natively on Linux.
So far it has caught my attention, but it’s very early to make a call.


Great game!


Cool, i was also interested to try it out when having more free time :slight_smile:
Looks like horror-cyberpunk type

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I’ve played both, but mostly SEGA since i’ve personally had it! :slight_smile:

On NES / SNES i really loved some games…

  • Zen intergalactic ninja
  • Robocop 3
  • Double Dragon :scream:
  • Darkwing duck
  • Chip & Dale rescue rangers 2
  • Aladdin
  • Zombies ate my neighbors
  • Some Mortal Kombat, still SEGA ones were more impressive
  • Contra :smiling_imp:

That was so good!!!





That’s a good one!

I’ve been enjoying death stranding.

For a fun racer I’ve been enjoying art of rally… as a bonus it has a native linux port.


Currently installing Elite Dangerous…
I just hope I don’t rage quit after the first half hour :sweat_smile:

What’s that, like space-rpg quest with open world?

more like a sandbox space sim…

have yet to play it,
but apparently you start with a small ship, and it’s completely up to you how you proceed
Be it by trading, hunting spacepirates, mining etc…


Well, please report back if it’s any good when you’ll get to it! :upside_down_face:

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Well I remembered this review from a few years back:

Guess a lot will have changed by now through updates, but it might give you an idea

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