What games are you playing?

Well… still playing Forza Horizon 4. Was thinking of going back to Sims 4 but so annoyed with the Star Wars pack that I decided against it.

Anyway… I love this game. Going 330 km / h thru Edinburgh on ice… With a very very ratty Dodge Dart Super Hemi (with supercharger, of course).

Classic Muscle 7 Classic Muscle 5


Yep I only play Sims 3 and its EPs. I refused to buy Sims 4 on principle. The shoddy coding of Sims 3 and the fact that most people have to use mods to make it playable (myself included) meant that I had no intention of supporting the Sims 4. As I got and still get the impression that The Sims series is simply a cashcow for EA.

  • P. S Sorry for the rant - The direction the series has taken really irritates me.

P. P. S Haven’t played Forza in years - Really fun game, especially if playing in Edinburgh - Its one of my favourite UK cities.


Just one more, because I like this picture (I do love games with actual photo modes).

“Some call it ‘Drifting’. I call it ‘340 km / h past a lighthouse in winter’”
Classic Muscle 8


Just finished Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, if you like Castlevania: SOTN or metroidvania’s, its fantastic.

Just started Hollow Knight (another metroidvania) and so far I’m enjoying.

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Weren’t many 68s that looked like that - and even fewer Hemis that didn’t have drag-sized rears on them!

Unfortunately no Forza here - so my memories of a slant-six will remain :grin:


I like to play Supertuxkart. It’s actually the only game I play. That’s why I’m not very familiar of the hardware requirements etc. for the games. But I know supertuxkart is very friendly game for almost any new or old hardware. I like to play online races, but I have noticed that there are big differencies between players and I’m not talking about just skill levels. Some players karts are much faster than others. My question is: how much is it because of cpu, gpu, ram and internet speed? My specs are
Machine: HP 250 G6 Notebook ; CPU: Intel Core i5-7200U, Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 620


It’s even Ratty by design; it’s the only classic muscle car in the game that has a pre-rendered oil slick under the engine every time it stands still. It is obviously on purpose.
Oh and it is also the only classic muscle car in the game that if you opt for the “Engine popping out of the hood” look just have a crude cutout (all others have obvious professionally cut outs, the Dart if you look closely is literally just someone taking a circle grinder and roughly outlined the engine) :slight_smile:

It is surprisingly easily to drive on ice tho (the game gives you real Scandinavian steel-studded tires for winter). You just have to learn TTT: To Trust the Torque as I call it: I have a professional modern racing gear box in it so start on gear 3, then jump to 6, and only downshift to 5 occasionally. Othewise point the wheel where you want to go and steer with the throttle. It will understeer until you put your foot down. Compare that with another favorite of mine, the Mini Cooper Rally edition, which is fast for it’s class, but consider Torque to be something that happens to other people. All you do is shift. Seriously. You have your hands on the gear shift more than on the wheel.

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Just started Death Stranding… it’s weirdly compelling and the landscapes are fantastic.


Don’t play a lot of games - I only have laptops so use xbox and PS whenever I wanna play a game. Usually I end up playing FIFA (looking forward to the new career mode in FIFA 21)
My all time fav is Mass Effect trilogy (andromeda is shit)

Batman Forever

1995 SEGA

Can’t recommend it enough whether you love or hate Batman - this is BLAST! :bomb: :boom:
One of my favorite classical SEGA games ever! :partying_face:

  • Brilliant graphics
  • Outstanding music
  • Very complex fighting / gadget system which will bring a lot of funny situations
  • Filled with secrets (even when you think you know everything - you’ll find more!)
  • Competitive / Cooperative 2 player mode - ideal for fun with friends :slight_smile:

I’ve been hoping on the among us train works great with the mouse on Linux.Mouse + Keyboard sadly does not seem to work.

I’ve also been playing The Division (first one) as there was a brand new global event.

I’ve taken a break from Fable Annibersary and have started a new park in Planet Coaster :roller_coaster:


Named after our OS :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for liking @Oziach btw is your avatar based on the protagonist from 'Alone In the Dark? ’ Stumbled across the game the other day and straight away I was like that character looks familiar :thinking:



I mean, close enough? :rofl:

It’s a dude on Runescape that gives you the most iconic quest of the Free to Play set.

Likes are free. :slight_smile:


Hmm maybe it is the same guy… Reincarnated!! :thinking: So he once lived in the olden days of yore from Runescape. Only to come back to Earth as the private investigator in Alone in the Dark! :astonished:


At least he lost the weight.


I knew he’s some kind of copper after all!!
Those mustache… :rofl:


Any solve for Easy Anti-Cheat? I know someone from the Wine team posted back in June that they were working on a solution and a work around for a dll hook. Not sure if there is an update?

Tried playing Spellbreak and want to really play Predator: Hunting Grounds but they are both EAC, and i couldn’t hop online for Spellbreak and don’t want to buy Predator unless there’s a solve.

I also had the issue with Albion Online - tried from the website and steam and EAC was being difficult.

I assume all of those games are online?

Try that maybe, that guy reports he got EAC working:

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Thanks - reading up on it now!