What email provider do you use?


Just to ask what email provider you do use ?

I just had a very bad experience with one of mine and decided to make a switch.
I already use a couple to keep my different contacts separate (mostly friend/family - commercial stuff - official/administrative ones).

I think I’d rather pay a bit (when it’s free you do know who the product is… and sometimes even worse than just a product i fear…) and find something which would allow encryption and imap.

Do any of you run their own severs? Does it worth it?

What is your experience and perspective on this matter?

Would really appreciate any sharing :slight_smile:

Cheers !

I use paid accounts from Protonmail/VPN, Cox (ISP), and Fastmail.

I have free accounts from gmail, mail.com, and gmx.com


Personally i use compartmentalized anonymous free protonmail accounts, meaning:

  1. Registered inside Whonix with no real email / god forbid sms verification :rofl:
  2. Different e-mails for different activity: personal, work, commercial etc and never mix those :upside_down_face:

btw, there is pretty valid point of view that no e-mail can possibly be “safe”, because of protocol itself:


I kind of do the same at the moment, but only with free accounts.
So you do use only proton for each one of your e-mails ?
Do you then “centralize” them all using a client like thunderbird ?

Yes, however compartmentalization part is the most important in my opinion - you don’t want to mix all of your activity. For example i truly don’t care about my public e-mail used for something like on-line shopping, which is by definition not very safe in most cases coz that’s automatically means your identity is known.

With such approach it doesn’t really matter what exactly you use, as long as it’s relatively safe provider in the first place (not Google :rofl: )

Oh no, i don’t use clients - just browser be it LibreWolf or TOR - depends on situation :slight_smile:


Makes total sense indeed.

A combo of free and ISP provided accounts. The ISP accounts are 2 types, one provided by Yahoo, and the other ‘internal’.

I don’t think anything you do can be ‘safe’ - so just edit yourself!



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I am with a small email provider in germany: https://www.kontent.com/
They are very reliable and cheap. I am using them since 2009.
They also provided my own domainname and they handle the various email addresses associated with it.

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I just use Gmail. I know there is a privacy risk but I don’t keep anything that important in my emails.

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none of the above :wink:




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I am happy with Tutanota … :email:


I use purelymail, it’s cheap

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I use a small, independent email provider from Berlin called Posteo. They’re a buck per month and are secure and responsible. They’re often named among the top privacy oriented email providers. I have a calendar, address book and mails, all synchronisable to any mobile device - they even have howtos for most platforms to install synch.


I use Mailfence for years, which has awesome Caldav/Cardav support for syncing contacts and calendars across devices, got me off the Google spy game. :male_detective:

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Thanks a lot, i think i will make it my main address, as they clearly seem to tick all the boxes.


Years ago I used to import most, if not all of my mail into a local Email client, originally from Netscape, then Mozilla, then Seamonkey, and then Thunderbird. Sometimes I’d import and delete everythng off of the servers, but as I used different clients, I eventually stopped doing that. Both Yahoo Mail and Google Gmail, the two clients I’ve used for personal mail for YEARS - Yahoo dating back to around 1995 and Gmail since around 2004. Today I nearly always read all mail over Web-based clients only.

On UNIX systems at work, I used exmh; that was also more than a decade ago. Web-based clients are versatile; they can be used anywhere, and can also be used from desktop, laptop, client, server, phone, or tablets; doesn’t matter which environment; that influenced my choice.

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@hanlonsrazor said in Vivaldi WebMail as good as Protonmail?:

I’ve used hotmail, protonmail, gmail, tutanota, and ultimately: Vivaldi’s email provider and webmail.

Verdict: Vivaldi > tutanota > protonmail > gmail > hotmail (outlook).

Vivaldi Webmail is amazing and incredibly satisfying to use. Both in terms of speed and customization it’s on par with Vivaldi Browser. As for PGP encryption, you can import PGP keys or generate a key in the webmail itself; although I must be honest in that I haven’t tested either method.

PS About protonmail, I can’t vouch for them anymore since this irresponsible message of theirs*. Moreover, up until a few days ago https://vivaldi.com/email-signup/ used to list protonmail as an option, but it was recently removed.

*Supporting a multi-level marketing pyramid Ponzi scheme is a red flag.

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I want to finally get away from Gmail after many years. I have (in Germany preferred) 2 mail providers in the closer choice, both paid: 1. Posteo, 2. Mailbox .org. Has anyone of you already had long-term experience with them? There are many reviews on the web, but they all seem to be very biased.

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