Ditch Gmail - Today!


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I switched to Fastmail years ago and have never looked back. A few years ago I looked at other email providers, but nobody offers the features that Fastmail offers for the price.

And not only is Gmail invasive and morally compromised, so is the company behind it. I closed my YouTube account last year because Google thinks it knows best what is truth and what isn’t.


Well our work uses Gmail including Google calendar. So… Not much choice.

My Androids are hopelessly tied into Google properties. Eventually I’d like to migrate away, and use my protonmail account exclusively.

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I’ve been using Fastmail since before Gmail existed. It’s a great service.

Many years ago when I first bought an Android phone, I set up a Gmail account and used that when I switched on the phone for the first time. I only use that account for emails relating to my phone/Android account, and have never shared it with anyone. I’m sure that Google find ways to leak sand in/out of this sandbox, but it seems a basic way of retaining some privacy.

My email usage nowadays is small. So I’m not ready to pay for it. Those alternatives were quite pricey and those that have free tier lack lots of features. Storage was very small, no calendar support, in the free version, search is limited to four weeks into the past, no IMAP support etc.

Since 1996 - I have been my own provider :slight_smile: - my domain - now domains - has mostly been selfhosted.

For a couple of years one of my favorite hosting provider in DK has been hosting my domain for free - still do - the mail part of the domains is now fully migrated to the swiss proton provider.

I use a visionary account where I can use 10 custom domains.

The reason I chosed proton was the combination of vpn and mail.

I can only second Root’s recommendation above for ProtonMail from those nice people at CERN.

The base version, which is totally adequate for me, is open source, free and it has end-to-end encryption.

You can pay for extra features if needed.


Hear hear!

Sure but Proton mail(and others) aren’t that safe:

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Safer than gmail … only reason gmail exists is for google to scan the contents and add it to the enormous data collection pile.

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That is a very informative video.

Nevertheless, I would still use ProtonMail as opposed to Gmail.

In any event I treat an email like sending a postcard and I never send anything of great importance via email.

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You are the product. You get what you pay for. Etc etc.

Most email services that one would pay for are likely to respect privacy, limit external tracking (pixels, etc), and more.

Someone has to pay for free email services. Servers, operations, cooling, storage, network bandwidth, replication, electricity and such is not cheap.

E-mail services with a free tier offer that tier as an investment. It’s like a time-unlimited trial run for the paid service, which you’re more likely to purchase if you like using the free service. If you’re considering a provider that only offers paid tiers, you’re likely to be more hesitant to try it out. So with free services from companies that offer a paid service, you are not (necessarily) the product: you’re a prospective paying customer that they’re trying to win over.

But with free-only e-mail providers, you’re probably right. You’re certainly right in the case of GMail, Yahoo, etc.

Totally get what he’s saying but oh my, on so many levels I cannot take this dude seriously!

First, “ditch gmail, its evil…and I’m telling the world about it on my fully googled YouTube channel because you know, money!” :man_facepalming:

And then he leads with 2 services, at least one of which (Startmail) is very questionable and both of which admittedly are not open source. He then knocks the open source Tutanota for UI and as expected, gives top position to Protonmail.

For transparency sake, of these, I do use Protonmail in a very limited capacity because I don’t think they’re as transparent as claimed. The mobile app is constantly throwing bug fits on top of that, but I rely on my own server with my own domains hosted by a trusted colleague.

But back to the video, I cannot support telling the world about what he calls “the moral compromise” of one google product via another morally compromised google product. :joy:

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