What do you guys miss most about your Previous Distro

Greetings fellow humans, human fellas.

To all if of us who came from different distros, what distro, and what feature do you miss most?

For myself, the stability and first-party software support of Debian based distros(particularly Pop!_OS) is what I miss when I use EOS. Infact, I still keep a small partition for Pop!_OS.

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If you miss PopOS why the heck are you putting your self through hell using EndeavourOS just go back. Lol.

When I say I miss, I mean it mildly not directly.

I like Arch and the AUR too much to go back.

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Sometimes I miss a little of the difficulty …probably some insights to be there …

With arch based , everything is actually so easy …

Fedora no package ? oh no , try and scour an rpm spec or figure out how to build one
Arch- yay xxx

Ubuntu - Oh no my Rust version is so out of date , time to manually update
Arch -…

I do kind of miss saying I use Fedora btw , feels cool to be hip , and somehow arch got square :joy:


How the turn tables.

I’ve used Manjaro previously (still use on some machines), so not much really :laughing:

Maybe that a lot of AUR packages i used were in main repos, but that’s not big deal really.

P.S. Oh, actually i miss that they kept Nvidia proprietary drivers for older cards in repos - that’s big deal and kudos to them :slight_smile:

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Yeah. I came from Manjaro too. I was freaking out sesrching for pamac when I first got EOS. Who would have thunk the most popular Arch package manager would be an AUR pkg!


Yeah, I miss Debian, where the packages were so old and creaky and you had to wipe dust off them before using them…actually, no I don’t… :crazy_face:
Or Ubuntu/Mint, where random PPA of the day would be required to run $THIS_APP then $THAT_APP, then of course the system needed to be reloaded, because $THAT_APP requires the latest gcc or some similar bollocks. As we say here in Kiwiland; “YEAH NAH”.
EnOS is stable, and up-to-date. How does this miracle occur?


That I never used to hassle to get my printer working. Otherwise, that’s it.

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Not a damn thing :wink:


only one thing from opensuse… YaST

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User flair checks out.

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100% confirm…I dearly hate printing on cups :joy:

Random, arbitrary holding back of packages leading to 600+ package 2GB+ download “stable” updates … yeah nah.

Repo access to older kernels was a plus though, I have a very old laptop that works best with 4.19, which is in the AUR, but I’d have to build it … which would probably melt the old clunker.

Nothing to miss I use a desktop, use a printer that works Epson.

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I have an HP.

Epson works without any config? That’s wild.

Damm. Am I the only one that actually likes CUPS?

Using a Brother HL1210W with drivers from AUR

Cups is a finicky beast. Works well with Brother, and Epson (although finding the right driver for Epson is a pain), otherwise it’s really hit and miss. HP require HPLIP to work usually.

I’m still running Arch so that doesn’t count, but I miss Antergos’ smaller community to some extent.

What I don’t miss is the &#%¤(#¤) malfunctioning Calamares installer, the devs more or less going AWOL, and the bugs due to that.

Endeavour has outdone Antergos by a long shot. But I’m still grateful that it spawned Endeavour.


The devs made a deal with the devil.

Yes this is cannon.

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