What do you guys miss most about your Previous Distro

I miss LibraNet, just plain and simple. That’s honestly the only ex-distro that I miss anything from. I have enough hardware that every distro that I like even SOMEWHAT I have running on something. A lot of Debian, a decent amount of Endeavour (or at least it will be again whenever my T14 arrives), 1 KDE Neon machine (with snapd package pinned to -1000 priority), and a Void machine.

Me Either! When you have Endeavour there is no reason to question? … whether? I have Endeavour

…there is nothing better! :rocketa_purple: :enos_flag: :enos:


This, and that GUI that told you what nvidia driver you are using currently, and the ability to switch to an older version.

I’ve tried so many distros I can’t remember what I miss about the last one. However, I think we’re all in agreement on what we don’t miss about a major distro. :wink:1d3t9ik5ed5qa


I really miss the breakage in all the other distro that I have tried before Arch.
Since switching to Arch it’s boring, still waiting for my first breakage. ( 4 + years now )


Not exactly a distro, but I do miss the global menu from macOS, I really wish it was available in Gnome. Sadly I haven’t found any creative solution that makes it available as of currently so I’ve accepted it.

Wow that’s impressive. You’re not trying hard enough! :laughing:


you can try Budgie, I have it installed on a Macbook air and the global menu works like a charm (except firefox of course)

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@philhells I haven’t tried Budgie or looked into it before, I should give it a shot sometime.

@SuppaMan Yeah… as much as I really want the global menu, I really dislike KDE more.

Budgie was a real good surprise for me, I really like gnome, not only for the desktop experience but also for its reliability.
Budgie is based on gnome3 with a more traditional desktop and allows a lot of customization without downloading extra extensions

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Global menu - you mean like Unity (or Amiga) has/had? If you did, then I find it less useful with hi dpi (vertical resolution in particular) screens…

I came from Manjaro. The only thing i miss is Manjaro Hello, where it shown me some recommended apps and the respective category. Still, KDE on EOS is faster than the one on Manjaro, idk why

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What is missing from the EndeavourOS welcome application? Let us know and maybe it is something that can be added. There is already a tab with this functionality :+1:

It is simply because of philosophical differences of the two distributions. EndeavourOS is much much closer to Arch. Manjaro adds much on top of the basic arch install in the interests of staying GUI-centric versus EndeavourOS’s Terminal-centric philosophy.

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It would be nice if there was an app suggestion category, kinda similar to Manjaro Hello’s approach. I do appreciate that it shows up libreoffice, kernel manager, gufw and chromium, but recommending more apps would help A LOT of people who want to try out this distro. If this feature was added, oh boy it would save a lot of time!

I can see the appeal of a fully functioning welcome card with recommended app feature for noob friendly distros. But I’m pretty sure EndeavourOS is marketed as a noob friendly distro, rather a more intermediate one.

I’m surprised there isn’t a unofficial repo which builds those…

If there’s a demand I could do that myself - building from an already-prepared AUR package is not a lot of work, and I have a repo server set up already.

Edit: looking down the list there doesn’t seem to be one there which has old LTS kernels… :thinking:

Edit 2: Unofficial repo for older LTS kernels


Since I use several distros regularly and many distros occasionally, the concept of a previous distro doesn’t really apply. However, here are some things I like that other distros have that are more challenging in Arch.

  • The ability to safely install software without updating first
  • Safe automated unattended updates
  • Declarative configuration(nixos)
  • Greater application stability

Of course, all things have trade-offs and I am using Arch for a reason. :wink:

It would be cool it a single distro could be the best of all worlds but that isn’t really realistic.


I thought this already was? :enos_flag:

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I miss the bragging rights that came with being a gentoo user.

Other than that nothing.

I consider myself extremely lucky that I stumbled upon Endeavour.