What do you guys miss most about your Previous Distro

So…You have longer beard than us then :laughing:


Whatever I missed from Manjaro I added to my install script, so I basically don’t miss a thing!

What do you expect to happen when you’re waiting for stuff to compile.


If I may be so bold, my previous ‘distro’, although they don’t call themselves that, was Anarchy, and the only thing I miss about that is regarding the install process, specifically, the ability to select rather than unselect (I have to uncheck 85 things from the ‘base install + other packages’ section, eek, and a few others from the Mate and Printer sections), and to have a little description by each possible selection (took me a long time to look them all up). I’ll squeak in a little request for the graphics drivers to have their own section too.

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I so loved Anarchy for a little while when it properly worked…

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Can’t you just uncheck those sections in their entirety and then select the individual packages you want instead of doing the opposite?


Yes, I realise that, but it took a long time to seek out what each one was, so having a small note next to each thing could help a lot.

And, a further reason, which I should have added into my post, is that I think some new people don’t check inside that folder, so e.g. end up with graphics drivers that conflict, and have issues when first booting … happened to me on first trying to install Endeavour on this main AMD/Radeon PC. Same with most people needing to not install r8168, which then auto-activates r8169.

And there’s a mixture of stuff in there that may not be part of a basic desktop install e.g. linux-atm, a variety of cisco drivers etc, and some proprietary things e.g. fonts, different licenses. List is bigger, but just picking out one or two examples.

A graphics drivers folder, proprietary/non-GPL/custom-licenses folder, other stuff (e.g. specific cisco and non-r8168/9 wireless drivers), and a note next to each item saying what it is, would be on my wish-list, if and when that may be possible.

System runs even faster and lighter without the extra packages I unchecked, and the font(s) remaining are actually clearer and sharper, to my eyes, which was a nice surprise, lol.


AUR is too good to really miss anything, and the community here is good so cant say i honestly miss much.

Manjaro was kinda weird and stuff didnt work for no apparent reason in some cases not to mention im not a fan of the direction theyre going. Ubuntu made getting certain packages a bit of a pain because you either need a million PPAs or to build it yourself which i dont want to have to do all the time but it was very stable and building kernels was obnoxiously easy once you read the documentation on how (PKGBUILDs are also very easy though)

I would say that I think the install for EOS takes a really long time if you do it online, usually have to slot out 30-45min for the wait if im doing testing on a bug between distros (not enough room to have them all installed)

Yes, it’s been broken for a while now, and, when I asked, the answer was to report each time what doesn’t install, as it’s about things not being able to be found during install. Also, to not use the ‘install extras’ part.

I miss absolutely nothing about any of the previous distros or other OSs I used. It was a huge improvement when I replaced Windoze with Buntu, and when I replaced Buntu with Manjaro, and it was just as huge of an improvement when I replaced Manjaro with EndeavourOS.

EndeavourOS gives me everything I want in a Linux distro. And if I weren’t using EndeavourOS, I’d use Arch, which is pretty much the same thing. :man_shrugging:t3:


Nothing - been in pacman’s world for almost a decade now so nothing to miss. I prefer minimalist window managers so sometimes I miss something like krunner but it’s only for a fraction of a second


Manjaro Hello. It had a good list of popular apps that could help introduce newbies in the arch linux world. Maybe we can have something similar here in the Welcome app (seeing that Libreoffice, akm and chromium are there…). Yes i am aware that it’s terminal centric…

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Just explain why its so hard to install those apps in the 1st place please so others can see your point of view.

I mean, it would be easy for people who don’t know that pacman exists and are very new to arch linux. I don’t think there are people who go to Manjaro right away.

I probably miss the green color scheme the most - guess the distro :stuck_out_tongue:

Certainly don’t miss the condensed several-gigabyte updates…

Funnyly, I miss commands like apt-get update, apt-get upgrade.

Edit your .bashrc and add the line.

alias apt update && apt upgrade='sudo pacman -Syu'

Nothing … I still use it :rofl:


That funny… :crazy_face: i understand your point :+1:


Don’t forget sudo apt autoremove too! gotta thin out the kernel versions…

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