Vote! (the only Poll with impact)

Continuing the discussion from Which DE are you using?:

:enos: Which DE are you using :interrobang: 2023
  • Cinnamon :croissant:
  • Budgie :bird:
  • Gnome :shell:
  • KDE/Plasma :gear:
  • LXDE :feather:
  • LXQT :flying_saucer:
  • Mate :matĂ©:
  • XFCE4 :mouse:
  • None/Others/WM :window:

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welcome :wink: :enos:

you need to vote at this page:
Which DE are you using?

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Can we just bump the other thread and get a new running talley? Or maybe we’re what 3 years in?

i3-wm (with gaps enabled)

i3wm since 2022. Everything works just how I want and I don’t need to run any useless stuff on my system.

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may you be right…but to get some relevant numbers… it will need to get at least 1000 votes :wink:

Plasma is by far the most popular desktop, I think it should be made the default in the next ISO. :frog:


GNOME y0. This is a message to go vote in the poll. I think GNOME is the lead dog, and people have forgot to update their vote in the last few years. Or they are too busy using their computer and enjoying it and not customizing it and breaking things hanging on the forum :kissing_heart:


Looks like I can’t vote … so Gnome if you are using Wayland.

Methinks that those of us NOT amphibious might find Plasma too complicated :grin:

(XFCE refugee from Gnome misdirections...)
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Now I use Plasma permanently, even though I couldn’t imagine not using XFCE for a long time. Gnome didn’t work for me, I used Cinnamon for a while.

I’d use Plasma if it got along with my potato.

Plasma! is something else out there :laughing:

Nonsense! It’s so simple, even birds can understand it.

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Sure…even birds :smirk:


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I voted Cinnamon and thought “oh well, about seven other people use it”. I was surprised to see that nearly 10% do!


The pollmaker must have forgotten to include Fluxbox.

should we or shouldn’t we create a new Poll ?
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