Unfettered Freedom - A New Linux News Podcast

You might be familiar with Derek (DistroTube), he made some great videos about Linux. Well, now he is making a news podcast called Unfettered Freedom.

It’s worth your time, in my opinion:


IMHO, Derek Taylor has lost his way. He used to produce really interesting videos about aspects of Linux (mainly arch-based) that encouraged me to try out various things, especially tiling window managers. Now he just rants about ‘freedom’. There are better video bloggers and one of the very best I find is ‘EF Tech Made Simple’. Brodie Robertson is another and is very good when can stop waving his arms around. Luke Smith is another who used to do good stuff and now bores the pants off me after about 30 seconds. Of course, this is just an opinion.


Some of the people I used to follow have… fallen off the political cliff, and not in a direction I like. People like Derek, Switched to Linux… Not to mention Luke Smith who’s always been a bit iffy, IMHO (too many frogs).

Chris Titus Tech is my favorite, and the only one I really keep up with these days.
The Linux Experiment, Chris Were Digital, Linux Project are others.
I occasionally watch Destination Linux.
There are others, but they seem to barely post anymore.


Impossible. :frog: :frog: :frog: :frog: :frog:


From historian prospect, Spatry was my favorite but its fallen :slight_smile:

DT i follow here and then nothing wrong with it actually…probably have more time to his hands :slight_smile: but it counts as favorite these days with ctt switched to linux …and some other i cant remember :stuck_out_tongue:

mostly i hate of those video’s why i Ditch Distro A for distro X; if you look a year further they are back to distro A … there popping up here and then. bit of drama for nothing :slight_smile:


Back when I started (again) in 2018 I gobbled up all the videos that reviewed distros.

Now i am more interested in the actual “how to”.

Personally, I’m quite enjoying the philosophical/ethical discussions regarding Free software, and the political and social implications thereof. So, I quite like what DT and Luke Smith are uploading (regardless whether I agree or disagree with them on a particular issue). This particular podcast is called “Unfettered Freedom”, so you should not expect any technical how to in it.

I don’t care much about video tutorials, they seem to be too long-winded and not thorough enough. I prefer written tutorials.

To each their own :slight_smile:


I might be showing my age here when I say I miss the Linux Action Show. Used to love watching it, but after Bryan left it was never quite the same. I’ve watched most of the other Linux YouTubers but they’re just not the same. They’re entertaining in their own way but I guess LAS will always hold a special place for me lol.

Switched to Linux I’d definitely agree with. He’s gone full “right-wing christian conservative tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist” over the past 6-12 months, so much so that I felt I had to unsub from his channel about a month ago as the constant political proselytising isn’t something I subbed for. I subbed for Linux news & opinions, not to be told, repeatedly, that certain emojis are “marxist” for example :roll_eyes:

DistroTube (Derek), unless I’ve missed something recently, only really mentioned his politics in one of his videos about a year ago, and not again since. He’s one of my favourite YouTubers and I watch most of his videos, and I particularly enjoy his Unfettered Freedom series.

I mean, isn’t Freedom why we all use Linux in the first place? :slight_smile:

Other than that I watch a lot of the same YT stuff as you: CTT, Destination Linux, The Linux Experiment, along with others such as OldTechBloke, Rob Braxman, Techlore, QuidsUp etc.

But yeah, the number of watchable Youtubers making Linux videos these days has dropped a bit.


Videos are such a bloat, especially from dwm and Lynx browser… :laughing:


Watching YouTube videos in a browser? Surely not, that requires proprietary JavaScript that makes Richard Stallman upset! Not in my GNU IceCat! Use youtube-dl to download your videos and play them offline with a free media player like mpv. :wink:


That’s the way!

I’m out of likes again, but wanted to stress that we certainly don’t want to upset mr. Stallman :penguin:


I subscribe to a lot of different Linux YouTubers. Really the only ones I’m not a big fan of are Luke Smith and Switched to Linux, although I do still subscribe to both. Switched to Linux I feel, like someone else mentioned, has kind of went full swing into this crazy conspiracy-theorist ultra-conservative thing. And honestly I feel like Luke Smith is just a straight-up living 4chan /g/ meme.


LOL, that’s true. :rofl: I still love Luke, the unaboomer, he is awesome!

I’m not a big fan of Switched to Linux, either. I never really got into his stuff. He lost me at his whining about how elitist Arch users are. It seems someone on the Arch forum told him to RTFM, and now he is on a holy mission to tell everyone how much Arch sucks. :roll_eyes:


Oh forgot one: Old Tech Bloke


I like his channel

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I don’t recall him saying Arch sucks, I believe he uses Arch & Linux Mint.

mpv can directly play youtube videos - no need to save them first :slight_smile:

He did, more or less… Watch the video in the OP.

I’ve not followed that guy, but really like this podcast - thx! :frog:
Not sure where all that critics in this topic comes from.

Very reasonable views on FOSS, and i love https://reverseeagle.org/.

DeGoogle - is the way to go! :+1: