The times they are a-changing


Don’t take the image too literally, I’m not going to force you some Lenovo Thinkpad ideology, no I was drawn by the text and the image it represents because it inspired me to share our community view in this day and age.

We all can’t deny that 2020 gives us major challenges in our personal lives and our world view. When we stop and look outside our doors, we get confronted with changes in our world view or beliefs and although change is usually a step forward, it also comes with turmoil led by our different views on life and the view on the world. Depending on how you experience these changes, this can cause a rollercoaster of emotions and the trick is to keep yourself seated during the ride, instead of letting yourself go in a way the seatbelt is about to fail.

This is easier said than done and I’m certainly not trying to tell you how you should express yourself. If you’re passionate about something, emotions can overcome your rationality, trust me, I know.

Now I’m coming to the point of this article, I do understand that the situation in the world can be so overwhelming, it can cloud your judgement when posting or answering and you might, unwillingly, turn a discussion into a strongly coloured one. Again, there’s no objection to that, we live in a free world with freedom of speech and that goes certainly for our forum and Telegram group.

We are a community with a strong love for Linux and Open source software in the first place. Every single person with that love is more than welcome over here and we don’t care from which walk of life you’re coming from. Moderation on common behaviour is one thing, but we are not going to police political, religious or other personal views on life.

Today, June 29th is exactly one year ago I finished creating this forum with a vision of love and enthusiasm for this community. Even though you guys are doing a great job letting the love flow in this community. I ask you to endeavour the next challenge, especially in difficult times like these, to take a deep breath before posting and if a post gets too coloured, try to treat each other with respect and bring that discussion on a mature and respectful level, if you wish to share your point of view.

Let that mutual love for Linux and Open source software be your guide to respect one and other over here. And I know you all are able to do this because the last year you’ve proven to be that great rolling release of love and respect.

You are EndeavourOS’ strongest suit and we love you for that.


French translation? Done: Les temps changent


…also, thank you to those nations that allow freedom of speech.


In Hungarian: Az idők változnak. In Latin: Tempora mutantur, et nos mutamus in illis.

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Wow, it’s hard to believe it was just a year ago! I’m grateful for all that the dev team and the community have done and given during that time and struggle to find the right words to express how welcome and at home all those efforts have made me feel. Thank you all!


I agree. It seems like I’ve been using Endeavour forever

I think I tried it the first time almost immediately after it became available

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Becomme time for Archpro :upside_down_face:. And yeah got my 365 days badge in the pocket :upside_down_face: times to fast


Die Zeiten ändern sich :de:


Great words again!


I have always known that there is someone out there, in the vastness of the universe, who loves me, thank you. :slight_smile:

Ich habe es schon immer gewusst, es gibt dort draußen, in den weiten des Universums, jemanden der mich liebt, Danke. :slight_smile:

No more clowns for breakfast. :smiley:



Sometimes I just have to step back in and look at the EOS community in awe.

People are from around the globe and we get along and keep it civil and to the point.

In this year that the community has been alive, I think that there has been three exceptions when people has acted up.

This is not the Arch forum, right. :wink:


Clowns for breakie, yums!

Just realised that I forgot to buy coffee.

Sad News! :scream:

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