The sense of social networks

Do you use social networks?, Mastodon, Twitter, Facebook … What do you take out?
I have always been clear since 2001 that I connected for the first time to the Internet, that for me the fact of being connected supposed a huge possibility of sharing knowledge.

I have come to take 8 different blogs at the same time, although the years pass, the occupations grow and nowadays I only carry (and not very well) one, of cooking recipes, although I still shuffled the idea of ​​resuming my things about GNU / Linux and the going to run or ride a bicycle.
But the idea is still the same: share knowledge.

By little it is always you will always have something that can serve other people, just as you serve you when you are looking for the Internet the solution to that problem that you do not have been solved.

I understand that there are also moments for other topics, such as sharing that photo in a beautiful landscape or that song that you like so much and that fills you with memories, but what remains me continually from the majority social networks, Facebook above all, is the excessive Posture of people.
I can not with it and it makes me feel like my time is being completely lost.

I also do not understand how you can live with a person and go to Facebook to tell him how much you love her for your wedding anniversary or congratulate him for her birthday.
Do you live with that person and do you need to go to Facebook to express yourself?
I do not get it.

I also realize that, so little I like social networks, I need them, since, at least where I live, if you do not have Facebook do not know almost any event, as races (when there were) or actions musicals in any pub.
It is sad but true.

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About 5-6 years ago I stopped using all social media and dropped off facebook completely. My life has been much better since then.

There are certainly things that would be more convenient with Facebook such as you mention but I have found other ways to get the info or learned to live without it.


i no use . never need life go on without :wink:


I often have them deactivated, but, for example, I need Facebook for queries about Stryd, a pedometer I use to run, and that go through that social network, although they have their external forum, but with very little activity and Not frequented by Stryd’s creators.

None, never had out of principle (except for research purposes, never personal)

Indeed, that is insane.

I believe social networks have ruined internet.
It may be counter-intuitive, but in reality it’s huge move against freedom, and i’m pro freedom.

Social networks are gigantic human anthill created for anything but freedom: manipulation, profit, harvesting of personal data (which most people gave up voluntarily anyway) :woozy_face:
Anything ‘social’ oriented is a bad idea to me, especially if you think about the goals of those networks.

I have a very old-school, hacker / cyerpunk notion of internet of 90s, maybe even something like A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace

I use only forums like this one, to connect with more than few people when i feel so. :penguin:


hah, that’s my story also.

One thing that happened to me a month ago: i have created a new facebook account to test a feature for a customer. i used my gmail address +something (as gmail offers this kind of aliasing). facebook detected my email address despite that extra string and revived my 5 year old facebook account. apparently i hadn’t deleted it but inactivated it and forgot. This time I’ve deleted it for good.

also I was forced back onto facebook for work. for this purpose I created a bogus account with a non-related email, with no reference to myself, no pictures, no personal activity. just an account that allows me to ask questions on groups. Some of the tools I work with only offer community support over facebook :frowning:


That the sad world we live :angry: no change soon . sad very


I have never used social media platforms. I think Facebook is a scourge! Redditt is garbage and all social media platforms are just used to spread hate and disinformation. This is not the Internet that I know from back in the day when PowWow Tribal Voice was around and things were cool! SocialMedia today is not your friend.

This forum is the only thing I’m on …besides being tied to the Google eco system which is almost impossible to get away from if you have an Android phone and a Google email. I use the Internet for one purpose to try to get the info I’m looking for on specific things. Everything else is a distraction, a waste of time and a negative affect on trying to use the Internet for the proper purpose of my needs.


This is exactly what I am trying to do, getting away from Google eco-system. One important step has been de-googling my Android phone. The next move is to move all my important contacts and services that I have used Gmail to sign up for to a more privacy respecting provider and delete it for good. It will take a while but not impossible. At least in this way, I would like to believe that I have reduced my contact surface with the “we are not evil” giant peeping Tom.

When it comes to other social platforms, I am on none. Apart from some tech forums/chatrooms.

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I just don’t have the ambition to go through all the necessary steps to get a phone working on some other platform. :weary:


I have a Facebook account so that I can use Messenger which is how my family communicates. Haven’t used it in the “social media” sense in years.

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Modern “Social Media” seems to me more like an instant adrenaline machine. Kids posting cringe stuff, and begging for likes. At least that’s what current 18-20 year olds do here. Doesn’t really connect you.

Used Twitter for a very brief time (4 months approx). I couldn’t get the feeling of being connected. Deleted my account. Never touched FB or Instagram. At our uni, many societies create Instagram posts for announcements and stuff - even though they have groups on other platforms. And our seniors asking us to like and share those posts. Every time that happens, I give them a long lecture.

I am not on any college groups except those dedicated to announcements. No social media accounts so there’s even more disconnect. (which doesn’t bother me btw) There’s a new rush now - to create more and more connections on LinkedIn. And I ended creating an account there (maybe the first time a social account of mine got my actual picture). I have been low key, but there are kids who will send connection request and beg me to accept them. Mind you - they never talk after I accept their connection request. Explains how connected we are.

I have a Reddit account and I do scroll down once in a while.

I don’t use any social media platforms. I was on Facebook 8-10 years ago 1 month only. It was my daughter who wanted me there. I couldn’t stand it. And removed it!

Now I’m blocking everything that has to do with it. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, Apple and so on. Everyone who goes under the big tech category is blocked on the entire network.


Get your own domain name and fix your own emails. I have multiple domains and would never have my email on Google/MS or anyone else either.


Yes, you are right. That would be my next next step. I am also in a learning-how-to process and and taking on things one at a time.

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Zero here. Life is simpler, and happier, without it. But I do miss the days of old-school newsgroups and IRC from way back in the early 90’s…

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The only thing I really use these days is Twitter, mainly for World of Warcraft and following various digital artists.

Have an unused Facebook account, rarely use reddit (beyond browsing /r/unixporn).

IRC is not dead. I’ve been on channels 15 years or so. Still sitting! :wink:

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Yep, I’m on Freenode still, and on the EOS channel ofcourse :slight_smile: It’s nowhere near as active as it used to be though…

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You can follow twitter feeds via RSS btw, in case you just watch for something