Switch from Plasma to Gnome

Ya …we use konsole. :wink:

I know, it’s a kult among the Kool kids :laughing:

I hope and appreciate if a Gnome wayland expert confirm if I got it right or explain further to understand more.

Gnome first fixes bugs before releasing :rofl:

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There are no bugs in Kde. It’s rolling like Arch. Constantly being developed.


No bugs my *ss! :rofl:

I was suffering through insane screen-flickering bug for about a month…

It’s a freaking bugs fest, but after Deepin i don’t complain too much. :rofl:


Recently seen an uptick of bugs in KDE plasma in the forum. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grin:

Oh look, a fake site:



That’s because you have inferior graphics. :rofl:

It happen(ed) not only on NoVydia so that you know, it’s a kwin bug.

You know what, just wait for all the extensions to break on your GNOME soon:wink: :sweat_smile:

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Not happening on AMD here. :wink:

I can switch to my DWM session. Back to the roots.

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KDE LTS are pretty stable. Also 5.26 fixes so many bugs :blush: I prefer following KDE release even if new bug come with it, that why my distro before endeavour was KDE neon.

I’m sure it was happening, you just haven’t met some of conditions for it to occur like leaving mentioned programs open for a long time (24 hours or something).

Of those I’ve got, all but one work on 43.
So I am fine.

With AMD I’m flicker free! :grin:

Will see, I don’t use that many extensions just dash to panel, caffeine, workspace indicator and pop shell.

Like i’ve said - it have 0 things to do with video-driver or GPU you’re using, and everything with stupid kwin bug that was accidentally made and fixed after month, that’s truly :clown_face: :earth_africa: bug driving your whole KDE system mad until you reboot it, if you catch it.

This one works.

I don’t use the other ones.

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