Switch from Plasma to Gnome

Like i said i don’t have those problems. So i can’t really comment.

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I’m a yes to Wayland person, and Wayland is running great on Plasma 5.25 for me.

If you’ve not got thoroughly :face_vomiting: of this thread @swh , what has been your experience of Wayland on Plasma? The new Plasma 5.26 in testing incudes some Wayland improvements.

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Just put this here for the record :wink:


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I should have phrased my question differently.
like this. do I need to reinstall? very simple.

i don’t have much experience with wayland, i just wanted to work with a new DE for me. I used gnome last time years ago, i think it was 3.6. after years with plasma i just wanted something new. actually i’m on plasma 5.25.5


Of course, you have the right to not install two different DEs side by side, but you can try Gnome by installing it in a test account, because you can only try it in a general way on a virtual machine.

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Fair enough :smiley:

Looking at the thread above, there’s a lesson there for all of us :rofl:


Indeed, these days Cinnamon is already quite a mature desktop environment.

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You’re not being honest. You’ve said this:




So you’ve actually invited a debate about Wayland.

But then when all of your points have been questioned and closely examined, you turned the record:

Now you’re pretending that your thread has somehow been hijacked. Not good.

Do you think the reason for the password store stuff on KDE is because you have two different desktop environments installed side by side? I didn’t experience this on Kubuntu, even though I installed Cinnamon alongside the default Plasma.

Yes, I’m aware that DEs installed side by side can cause interference, but these little glitches are easily resolved. By the way, you are right, when Plasma is installed by itself, Chrome does not ask for a password when opening it. Anyway, I didn’t experience any other special errors when KDE and, say, Cinnamon are installed side by side.

Without having access to your install, it is hard to say exactly what caused it. It could have been due to missing packages, the fact that you had multiple keyrings installed, a conflict between two packages, etc, etc.

I think that this particular topic has reached it’s conclusion. It started out as a help topic that was solved long ago and has gone off the rails since then in multiple directions.