Switch from Plasma to Gnome

Hello, I want to switch from Plasma to Gnome/Wayland. What should I consider if I want to keep my data and NFS or Syncthing settings? Or do you think it is recommended to do a complete reinstallation?
There is some information in the forum. I wanted specifically for my situation

I personally would, plasma and gnome do not work well together, and sometimes it’s not easy to remove all the necessary packages and switch qt to gtk.


Btw it’s refreshing to see it the other way around, someone switching from plasma to gnome!


Wayland is the future so Gnome is. The only reason for me

Well, all i read in the Forum is: do a fresh install. I’ll do it :wink:


It’s true that I installed Plasma in the opposite direction as you, but instead of Gnome, I installed Plasma next to Cinnamon, so I can start either one as I like. I have not yet experienced any particular interference between the two desktop environments.

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I moved some time ago to Gnome from KDE. On my system Gnome seems to be more stable.
After trying the Gnome way and workflow, I feel quite happy with it.

I did a fresh install, because in most of the internet forums you’ll read it’s better to do so.
The way @Zircon34 suggested.


a new installation also seems to me to be the most promising method. I will back up the syncthing folder and nfs(etc/fstab, export) files. i don’t have much on the hard drive, almost everything on external or mounted media. this should not be a big deal then.
i will wait until gnome 43 is in the arch repos then i will start

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very nice if it works like this. but i don’t want to install anything side by side. for testing i use a virtual machine

You may want to try with a new user account.
Create a new user. Reboot. Login to the new user, choosing Gnome.

If it works well, you can either compare user folders files/folders and merge, or copy your data and specific config files/folders to the new account.

I think you get the idea. Use it as you prefer :wink: .


i will wait until gnome 43 has landed in the repos. a new, fresh and clean installation is my favorite of all :wink:


Just curious, may I ask why? Something you didn’t like about KDE Plasma, or something very attractive in Gnome? What?

I believe this is the best way if you don’t mind doing a fresh install.

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Less bugs and less customability in gnome :wink: DE war is on :innocent:


Less customisablity? First time to see this as a privilege.
But it has some logic though. Peace of mind!
Yes, I think the desktop wars is a bit hotter than the distro wars!

I liked Gnome by the way and used it for sometime, but returned to KDE as it was the first desktop I started with over 22 years ago and lived with it for long enough time.

You will make me think doing a fresh install (again for the nth time) with Gnome. I will try resist this urge!




In the long run, yes.

You could get away with separate user accounts, but once I decided to go :100: with Gnome, KDE had to go. There are so many legacy files that will still need to be removed.

Once I did a clean install of Gnome 42, all my screen issues went away. Initially Wayland was very unstable and had to return to x11 to get anything done, but those days are long gone.

For me too, but then I am very biased about my Gnome 42 workflow.

Welcome to Gnome.


Be warned, you might get Kancelled :wink: :sweat_smile:


Resistance is useless!


:rofl: gnome has extensions. I only use a couple of them. The idea is to like/use gnome as intended with workspaces and keyboard shortcuts, else you won’t have a good time. I am pretty impressed, it works flawlessly, it’s fast and the best implementation of wayland. It also works really well for high dpi screens, and multiple screens with variable scaling. They finally implemented that and it works well.


There are pro’s and con’s for every DE. Most important to me is support for Wayland. KDE works flawlessly for me. After years i want a new experience with wayland because of securoity and stabilty.

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i am sure i will find the extensions i need :wink:

Dash-to-Panel and GSConnect is really important to me. Possibly there are many other out there

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I’m still with geos :smiley:

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