Switch from Plasma to Gnome

The only other two I need are Monday start and pop tiling.

And IdeaPad mode for my Legion for the power options.

I understand from the video that generally there is better performance under wayland. Right?

Touchpad gestures. :grin:

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Irregardless of Wayland i would never switch from Kde to Gnome whether it uses Xorg or Wayland. It’s not the desktop i would ever choose. I’d rather use Windoze. :rofl:


Not a problem with Xorg, but with GNOME not implementing it for Xorg sessions. Supposedly there are extensions that let you use touchpad gestures on Xorg in GNOME.

As a KDE user, it seems it is not easy for KDE users to switch to Gnome.

I take this a s a joke. I see it impossible for me to go back to windoze… no matter what desktop it is!

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It’s a bit like driving a Ferrari and then switching to a Lada. You get spoiled. :rofl:


I had set up plasma to use touchegg. It was nowhere near as good

I wouldn’t know, I don’t use a touchpad. But I am fairly sure it’s not an intrinsic limitation of Xorg.


The same is valid about GNOME :wink: :rofl:

There are dozens of us! DOZENS!


Me either… i use only mouse. I don’t like touch anything, Touchpad, touch screen whatever… :no_good_man:

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There are 10 types of people. Those that use Gnome and 9 that don’t! :rofl:

Edit: Once you get your Kde going on there’s no going back! It’s plasma all the way!

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Yes, and seems logical to me as Gnome is a unique experience and design as a desktop.
It may be harder for Gnome guys to convert to KDE, than it is harder for KDE to convert to Gnome.

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I feel the same on my GNOME!

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Kde frameworks 5.99 just came through. Now i wait for Kde Plasma 5.26 You get Gnome 43 yet? :yawning_face:


I hate touch pads, though touch screens for me are just to touch the close, OK, cancel buttons. No more.

I am not a “monogamous” ARCH user :rofl:

I roll with other distros as well :wink:

I roll with the Kde Kid’s! We got lots of plasma.

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That’s an “in-group” thing!
Always needing Konfirmation :wink: