Replace 'Yay' With 'Paru

Greetings community,

I saw that YouTube guide: Replace ‘Yay’ With ‘Paru’

Is that’s true and why?

It’s not true :slight_smile:


why that guys puts online like that confuse video guides? for what?

as i noticed installing packages by yay takes quite long time than by pacman.

I don’t think it is intentional, but maybe I am naive :slight_smile:

I think it’s just incompetence and making a click-bait video.

Anyway, the worst thing is not that he falsely claims yay is no longer maintained, but that he runs paru -Syu and then and then answers ‘n’ after updating the local package database. Now if he installs any package, he is likely to get in a partial update scenario, which could break his system.

Never update the local package database without upgrading.

This is because the packages it the AUR are not built and packaged by someone else for you to simply download and install, like the packages in the repos. They are just build scripts that you download, together with everything needed to build a package, and then you need to build it locally before installing it.

An AUR helper like yay or paru just automates that process. Of course it’s going to be slower (paru does not do this any faster than yay).


If you are only updating repo packages, yay may take a little longer as it is also checking the AUR but it shouldn’t be significant in the grand scheme of things.

However, if you have AUR packages that need updating, yay will definitely take longer as it has to build those packages where pacman doesn’t update those at all.


I always run first pacman -Syu and after yay -Syu

Hope i am not messing up something

I have installed Timeshift from AUR.

p.s. what i wanted to ask about package removing

when you install package by yay i have to use yay -r or can remove all yay packages by pacman too?

You can remove them with yay or pacman.


The definitive answers can be found with commands

man pacman
man yay

Both have mostly the same syntax.

sudo pacman -S pkgname
yay -S pkgname


sudo pacman -R pkgname

# The following removes dependencies too, but may remove too much, so check what it does:
sudo pacman -Rsn pkgname

If you are using the NVIDIA drivers, I’d recommend using UpdateInTerminal for updating packages. It has special NVIDIA update checks.


There was some rumour that YAY is no longer being maintained. That is not true. It is and works just fine.


This is completely redundant. yay is a wrapper script for pacman (which means you’re running pacman -Syu twice) that also handles AUR packages.


In order to upgrade, it is sufficient to just type:


No sudo, no -Syu, no nothing. Just yay. Yay! :slight_smile:


yay or paru are full pacman replacements. They are actually wrappers around pacman which also support the AUR. You can do all package management either with yay or with paru.

And once an AUR package is installed it can be deinstalled with pacman.

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The main developer of yay created the paru project. But yay is still active.

One of the two developers… The other one is still working on yay.


DT sometimes has the hand to do those video’s is not only Yay… i think interpretation missed a lot too :slight_smile:

Most youtube videos you have to take with a gain of salt… if you think is legit always research it after… :slight_smile:


If you would really like to break them apart use

pacman -Syu

And then

yay -Sua

Or as noted, both of those combined is just yay

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The Truth™

We all know that yay and paru are only 99.9% pacman replacements.


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I dont want to split hairs here, but he calls himself the main developer when he says:

Most of the features and design being done by me.

and further

Jguer is still there, so there's no need to panic and move away from yay. Just don't expect much new development on it.