Replace 'Yay' With 'Paru

Yeah i meant that after i run Pacman - Syu after finish i was trying to check and update AUR packages too like Timeshift is.


ok i will do so.

thanks all for your time and suggestions.

Better (simpler and faster) is to run pacman -Syu and follow up with yay -Sua - the difference is that yay is being told to limit its activities to the AUR, and not to recheck what you already did with pacman. This is the way I do it - when there is something in the AUR that I need updated - which is maybe 1 time in 10.


That means nothing, coming from Morganamilo.

That is why this whole mess started, because he claimed that Jguer is not doing any development on yay, which was downright false, and many people either bought into that or took that as intentionally causing panic in order for users to switch over to paru.

The split could have happened with more grace.

The truth, however is: yay is feature complete, and it is regularly maintained to conform to any changes to ALPM system.


Hope i have not done any breaks on system and is not need re-installing a system again. I will do as mentioned above. Thanks.

If everything works, everything works, don’t worry! :slight_smile:

Even if you break something, in 99% of cases, there is no need to reinstall the operating system. You can fix almost any issue – unless you really screw up so badly that reinstalling is the easiest fix. However, it’s almost never that bad, newbies tend to panic and just reinstall when that is really not needed. Encountering a problem is an opportunity to learn about your system by fixing it, an opportunity which is wasted by reinstalling the OS.

This is not windoze, we do not reinstall when we encounter a problem.


your support is very high leveled thank you.

You are totally right. I just checked the commit stats for yay on github

That shows that Morganamilo had some busy time in 2018. But that was it.
Interesting to see this and compare it with Morganamilo’s comments.


i dont know his mainjob he stated because of corona he does got less time… but when things 90% good not so buggy not so strange it goes to maintainance mode… every 6month reinvent the wheel is also not simple

A little out of the loop, and I cannot watch the video, so can someone fill me in on what Paru offers over Yay? There doesn’t seem to be a feature list or documentation on Github.

They are very similar. Some differences I have noticed

  • paru is written in rust, yay is written in go
  • paru is slightly faster at determining what needs to be updated
  • yay has a more complicated config file but offers the ability to change those settings from the command line
  • There are differences between the 2 in the options and methods they use for handling PKGBUILD reviews and diffs

Which is “better” will depend on your specific use case


Thank you dalto!

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An alternative would be to execute UpdateInTerminal which is included in Endeavour.

That is how I do updates. Followed by running eos-pacdiff. From my understanding that is what the “Update System” button in the Welcome app does.

Maybe I could have worded things better but saying " claimed that Jguer is not doing any development on yay" is false. I said not much new development, which I did mean to be “new features”. Like you said yay is feature complete. Jguer’s current focus on yay is mostly refactoring and maintenance, though there’s still new stuff.

I did also preface it with “Jguer is still there, so there’s no need to panic and move away from yay”.

The real misinformation come from Distro Tube which despite trying hard to dispel continues to stick around.

As for main dev or whatever, I don’t really want to call myself that as it’s not technically my project. However at time time anyway most of the code in yay was mine.

However, I pretty much rewrote the entire thing including: the argument parser (it used to check for a literal “-Syu” instead of proper parsing), the install algorithm including adding ahead of time solving then install, the whole dep solver algorithm itself, the download code, the diff system, most of the data structure. I also rewrote the man page.

That situation may have changed these days as Jguer is hard at work refactoring everything.


Well, it was certainly not my intention to attribute any malice to you. I do think the original Paru announcement was handled in a rather clumsy way, and the whole situation could have been handled more gracefully, so as no to leave any bitter aftertaste. But I have never meant to imply that it was done maliciously by you, though there have certainly been rumours about that. If that can be read from my words, I apologize.

The main thing to take away from all of this is: yay is not dead, it is actively maintained, even if no significant new features are being added to it.

Welcome to the forum, I hope you’ll stick around! :slight_smile:


no, not like that.

yes, like this.

ah wel… there are youtubers that give there opinion about things thats not always the truth. Is not they lieing but more opinionated. is it bad possible… but as viewer always look deeper intoo things.

Misinformation always leads to ‘misery’ :slight_smile:

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Many of my favourite YouTube e-celebrities are good at cooking. :rofl:


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both from paru’s kitchen and yay cooking

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