YAY is not maintained good anymore?

Nowadays you need a video on top:

Should we move to paru or another AUR build helper?


yay commits:



yay paru

It’s a bit like asking Trump to go to the inauguration :grin:


Is anyone using paru fulltime yet?

If i end up using paru i’ll make yay an alias for it :slight_smile:


Looks like it is still getting commits. How many commits does something that is feature complete need?

For me, paru excludes one of the main features that makes yay great. The color coded combinedupgrade compare. I see no advantage to paru over all the other AUR helpers out there. If I was forced to switch away from yay for some reason I would probably go to pikaur

EDIT: This is what I am referring to in yay in case you don’t have it turned on:


Looks like its name comes from a combination of pa ru= pacman+ rust (the language it is written).
Following the video comments, there doesn t seem that yay is abandoned. Actually, its last commit was 8 days ago. And as paru s dev says here:
" Jguer is still there, so there’s no need to panic and move away from yay. Just don’t expect much new development on it".

Anyways, in my view:

  1. It is still being maintained, but with no more new features (if we give credit to what the paru dev tells us). In my opinion yay is good as it is, btw.
  2. If there’s no huge differences, then why switch? It might not worth it.
  3. yay is stable and still active & maintained, paru is relatively new so there may be more issues than using yay.
  1. For the average user, I’d say stick to yay (not to mention the GUI package managers with the AUR option enabled).

Don’t forget to add in the ‘reverse order’ option to the alias - so the same stuff will show in the same order you’re used to!

Another one to look at is aura - seems to work well…

aura is interesting but since it uses a different syntax than most of the AUR helpers I don’t think it would make a good default choice.

True enough - I wouldn’t use it for a default! Paru has a few gotchas too - so I suggest yay until FORCED to change it! Heck - I still have yaourt on my systems - I never have seen an explanation as to why so many are so down on it… :grin:

It allows PKGBUILD edits BEFORE going after dependencies - very handy sometimes

What about Baph that is used on Archlabs?

How can this be activated?

You need to un-comment #Color in /etc/pacman.conf . Line 34 or something .

Ok, but how to get this nice version compare?

A little off topic, but since paru is on Rust, i start wondering what’s new in Rust:

Mozilla layoffs and a Rust foundation

In August 2020, Mozilla laid off 250 employees worldwide as part of a corporate restructure caused by the long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The number corresponded to 25% of all its staff.[41][42] Among these employees were most of the Rust team,[43] while the Servo team was completely disbanded.[44] The event raised concerns about the future of Rust.[45]

In the following week, the Rust Core Team acknowledged the severe impact of the layoffs and announced that plans for a Rust foundation were undergoing. The first goal of the foundation would be taking ownership of all trademarks and domain names, and also take financial responsibility for their costs.[46]

In November 2020, Amazon Web Services announced its commitment to the Rust continuity by hiring some people who had a close relationship with the Rust language development. AWS said to be expanding the use of Rust in the development of its own products.[47]

Now i like Rust little bit more :upside_down_face:

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It’s explained in the man page:

During sysupgrade, Yay will first perform a refresh, then show its combined menu of repo and AUR packages that will be
upgraded. Then after reviewing the pkgbuilds, the repo and AUR upgrade will start with no need for manual

I have been using paru for a few months now, and it has been sufficient for my needs. It has been more informative than yay about packages that are not official nor AUR, which is great for my own repos.
Don’t know about color coding since I’ve not used it.

Otherwise the functionality is about the same.


Since I saw this coming I moved to Trizen a couple of weeks ago. :+1:

Of course this would happen. So many of us have finally became comfortable with yay…
Murphy’s law.

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paru also got different optional deps like asp and bat

asp i dont know :slight_smile:
bat is for highlighting stuf

edit paru.conf and sit in .config , can add some option that runs continuily like batchinstall , first build all then install