Recommendations for SD cards

I might be getting (hopefully) a Rpi 4 within shortly. I wondered if there is a “bare minimum” recommendation on the rw speed of the SD cards. I imagine the faster the better applies here but is there any bottom limit?

so far my best xp on Pi4 + Pinebook Pro if use sd card is SanDisk Extreme Pro. Have 5 @ 128GB . never let me down

I sure @Pudge be prob give best answer on this

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I have a SanDisk extreme? Gold and red. It doesn’t matter anyway though, you should be able to USB boot.

I haven’t touched my pi in a while. I really should get on that.

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Thanks for the replies guys!

Great, thanks! I’ll have a look at them.

Do you mean from an external drive, like a SSD?

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as @fbodymechanic say … you can boot from ext ssd or nvme

Also from USB drive itself?
Then something like that is pretty reliable

That sounds great!
So I could just install the OS on the SSD using my laptop and then Plug&Play on Rpi?

Yes, exactly.

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Those look good! Fast also.
Thanks for the tips!

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for Pi it all here

" " + purge do great thread on here

Edit … it very simple + work great .

@pebcak Here thread " [ARM] Boot Raspberry Pi 4b from a USB device "

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I have the whole set of them - 2 32gb (W10, and future W11 install .iso), a 64GB for timeshift on my one laptop - a 256GB for music on the go, and a 128GB for my pi.


Thanks a lot! I’ll have time to go through those threads during this weekend.
This will be my first experience with Rpi so I am a bit excited about it :blush:

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64 bit work on boot for ext ssd but no great … 32 bit work flawless . that what i use ssd and 64bit i boot from sd

Good to know!
I have a couple of SSDs around that haven’t been used for anything for some time. I’ll be glad to be able to use them with Rpi now.

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Will I be needing some heatsink case of som sort, like the one in the picture for example?


Pimoroni - Aluminium Heatsink Case for Raspberry Pi 4

i use


overclock 2Ghz … it call Icetower . no expensive

Edit also have 3 x case like your post


That looks amazing! would you mind giving me the make and model of the cooling device?

Alright, I see you added the name of it. Nice. Ice Tower!

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ICE Tower Raspberry Pi 4 CPU Cooler … that name of it, DDG search it come up near you


I will look for it.
Thanks for all the info!

you welcome … if need/ want help , i always here + pudge is total master in my eye on pi and always help + give clear answer to question ( so nice + helpful)

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