PSA about update

Just a word to the wise that after I installed, hadn’t been running Endeavor for a while, all went well.
Then did the monumental update.
Rebooted and lo and behold ONLY Endeavor was listed.
Had to install os-prober andf add DISABLE_OS_PROBER=false.

I went on the Arch forum as well and complained to the effect, "What rocket scientist decided to remove OS-Prober.

I know Arch thinks is the Highlander, There can be only one, but the move was dumb.
Since Endeavor mirrors Arch I thought I’d post this.
Water under the bridge probably.
Anyway maybe the devs could look into it or not.


I think it makes sense that OS Prober was removed. I don’t dual boot, so having it is just a waste. If you do dual boot, then setup your system accordingly yourself.

The default should be no dual boot.


As I understand it, the change was actually made upstream, by the developers of grub. I haven’t been following it that closely though.


And it’s now a security risk to have anything to do with Win10+ even in dual-boot, because of Windoze’s ability to access Linux file systems since WSL 2.

To hell with Windoze spyware crap! :cold_face:


You know that dual-booting isn’t only for Windows…

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True that, but that’s very rare cases :upside_down_face:

For the most part, it is… Dual-boot machines without windoze are the exception, not the norm. It is certainly not prevalent enough to be a reason to keep the OS Prober as a default.

In the broader world, you are almost definitely correct. Among the Linux enthusiasts who frequent this forum, I am not sure that is true…

To be 100% clear, I am not advocating that it should or shouldn’t be on by default. In fact, my preference would be that os-prober be disabled by default. That being said, I rarely use grub so I don’t really care much either way. I am also not one to get overly hung-up on defaults. As long as things like that are easy to change, set the default however and we can change it.


Quite a while - this has been posted about three times since April! :wink:


just search boothole grub 2021 and git grub savannah

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Ain’t it my favorite vulnerability name?! :heart_eyes:

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And you know it’s rare how?
I don’t get all this, “if I don’t use it then no one else should.”
I thought Linux was about freedom and we decide to do, not the Dev’s.
Gnome pulls the same crap.
Anyway, no need to respond anymore as I am now just gonna run Debian.

Umm…you still can decide. It was just a default that changed. Why is this even a big deal? If you want to use os-prober you still can. If you don’t, that is fine too. How can more choice than that be offered?


Not in my case I triple boot EOS! I guess I’m rare! :laughing:

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